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Window Metal Coating Keeps Spies Out

Metal Coating on Windows Keeps Computer Spies Out

Numerous banks and financial institutions are so concerned about computer eavesdropping that they have resorted to coating their windows with a thin layer of metallised film to prevent information from leaking out.

According to electronic experts, a special technique of sputtering window films by utilising metallic particles is now becoming very common and is now a worry to fraudsters who gain access to confidential computer files. These sputter window films utilise metallic particles that block signals.

These sputtered films are expensive to manufacture due to the complexity of the process. They are very light when viewed from the inside out and offer a subtle reflective surface from the exterior. The fact that the windows are now reflective from outside, equates to pry free windows which in itself is a deterrent as would be fraudsters will not be able to see which are computer rooms from the exterior.

Radio signals from computer terminals under normal circumstances pass quite freely through glass, enabling eavesdroppers to pick them up with special detecting equipment bought freely on the open market. Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of a building for leakage, as reported by the Electrical Research Association in Lotherhoad in the United Kingdom.

Although military organisations and police have used metallic screening for years, only recently have civilian organisations realised the extent of the leakage problem and acted to solve it.

These films come in various thicknesses and have ultra violet absorbers built into them which stop 99% of the UV radiation from passing through the glass once the film has been applied. This benefit offers consumers the protection of interior furnishings from fading.

Sputter coated films also reduce heat passing through the glass whereby keeping computer rooms more stable and cooler. It is essential to have computer areas at the correct temperature to enable computers to run efficiently.

The film also reduces the glare which is a huge problem in computer rooms as glare on screens cause havoc. Computer operators suffer from headaches, stress and fatigue when subjected to heavy screen glare. Klingshield sputter films can reduce glare by up to 80%, creating a glare free computer room.


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Sputter films with its pressure sensitive adhesion which bond film and glass together, act as a safety barrier and will reduce the hazards of flying glass should the window be smashed for any reason. Shattered glass can cause serious damage to equipment and personnel and therefore sputter film offers this extra safety benefit.

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