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Safety Window Film on Cars

The Necessity of Safety Window Film on Cars

Safety window film is like insurance – you never know when you are going to need it until it happens. Klingshield safety film once installed on your car windows will be an “invisible constant protection” for you and your family against the unexpected.

Statistics coming from world experts show that damages to car side windows in accidents or attacks are on the increase. The side windows of your vehicle offer no protection to drivers and passengers when shattered due to unforeseen forces. Tests worldwide have proved that safety film for car windows is a necessity in the modern world.

Smash and Grab attacks, violent acts and accidents happen every day throughout the world and even the most responsible drivers land up in these scenarios. Things happen in a split second and human lives can be changed from a side impact collision. Unprotected side windows easily shatter, projecting flying glass shards into the inside of the vehicle. Glass can cause horrific significant lacerations and even eye injuries.

Regular car windows increase the likelihood of driver and passengers being thrown from the car, which is a leading cause of death in motor accidents. Klingshield’s range of safety film provides a very strong barrier between you and the glass in the event of attack, explosion or accident. Windows with Klingshield safety film may still break, but all fragments of glass are held together by the safety film due to the technology of the aggressive adhesion.

Drivers and passengers are shielded from the dangers of flying glass and if your vehicle is attacked you have more time to escape, so don’t become a victim of circumstances – protect you, your family, friends, staff and your valuables, with Klingshield safety film applied to your windows.

In a few seconds a would be thief can shatter your car windows and rob you of your valuables, including your cellphone. This is a very dangerous and unpleasant experience if you happen to be subjected to attack in your vehicle.

You now have the best defence against smash and grab attackers. Safety film on cars is not a luxury in today’s world. It is an absolute necessity as one cannot put a figure on disfigurement.

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