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Nelspruit Window Film


Nelspruit is the capital of Mpumalanga Province, formerly Eastern Transvaal. There are many orange farms in and around the area. Major industries including canning of citrus fruit, paper production, furniture manufacture and timber mills.

Nelspruit features a humid and sub-tropical climate with warm to hot summers, temperatures reaching 40 deg. C/104F. Winters are relatively dry with warm temperatures during the day and chilly temperatures at night.

Klingshield solar control window films are ideal to keep inside spaces of offices, warehouses, factories, hotels, Government buildings and residential properties. Window film reduces the temperature inside rooms making it more comfortable, as well as reducing the use of airconditioning, thereby saving money in electricity bills.

In winter on those chilly cold nights the window film will retain the heat and keep the generated heat indoors.

Klingshield is proud to announce that due to the demand for window film products throughout South Africa, a decision has been made to sell all new user-friendly products on a do-it-yourself basis, cut to size and easily installed by handymen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Complete kits with full installation instructions and sample practice roll are despatched to all corners of South Africa. Nelspruit and its surrounding areas have the opportunity of buying direct from the originators, the branded product Klingshield, at a much lower cost than available through any other window film company within South Africa.

Our new high sophisticated Nano technology window film which consists of many coatings is far superior to any other films on the market today. Our highly reflective films are very good energy conservers and also reduce glare on TV screens and computer monitors.

For more information on our product range, which includes Stone-Shield Paint Protection Film, Kleen-Shield liquid glass cleaning treatment for inside and outside of film and glass, which once applied stays clean and reduces the maintenance of cleaning, as well as a full range of window films to solve all related window film problems whether it be heat, glare or fading, our window films reduce the sun rays and there keeps you cool and comfortable. For further information contact us.