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New Ways Of Doing Business

New and Improved Ways we do business in the 21st Century

Technology equals time and money. Simple equation right? Why do companies cling to old styles and methods of doing business. There are so many aids in the new world that can be used to be more productive and cost effective.

As a business person who comes from the old school, I have seen a major learning curve for us baby boomers and only a few of us have taken the plunge and persisted in learning all the new wave technology that is available in this new modern world, says Leon Levy, CEO of Klingshield, the window film and window tinting specialists.

Most of my friends do not have the mind set to change with the times. However I have taken to it like a duck to water and am enjoying the learning experience every day. I still use some of my old methods of organising myself but have mixed it with new technology and am loving the close working relationship between the old and the new.

My philosophy in business is I have to be able to do everything that each worker does and better, and if I can't for any reason, I go out my way to learn and keep practicing until I have achieved my goals.

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How can an entrepreneur of a company not be in a position to improve each workers skills if one wants to see progress . If one can't do it all, one is at the mercy of workers and in a very weak position.

Well this is Leon Levy’s belief and understanding of a leader in this very competitive business environment that we operate in today.

Now if you see it Leon’s way, it is time to move with the times and bring your business into the new world of the 21st Century. You don't have to go out and buy every new gadget on the market, you just need to look for a modern mentor who can show you the ropes. This is not always an easy task because modern young entrepreneurs don’t give away information! They keep their knowledge to themselves and don't share like the old school businessman. It's an interesting scenario all over.

Today the Internet is one of the biggest assets to do business and companies like Google are very useful tools. Google is a very complex subject and to understand how to play the game in their arena one needs to do some serious studying to understand the mindset behind this brilliant company. Google have made many entrepreneurs very, very wealthy.

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The Internet and websites are also very interesting concepts and this is another complex situation that one needs to study and understand.

Many businessmen run huge businesses from home on their own using the technology available and make more money than huge conglomerates.
Wake up!!! There is a new world out there!!

Klingshield,the window film company, believes in running with the winners and staying ahead of the pack.When it comes to digital marketing, Klingshield's website stands out above the rest of the window film industry.

Klingshield, the window film and tinting specialists, have their own online marketing and advertisement department to ensure they  keep their brand awareness in front of the market, where it's supposed to be.

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