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Non Reflective Grey/Charcoal 50% Window Film

Non Reflective Grey/Charcoal 50% Window Film

Non Reflective Grey/Charcoal 50% Window Film

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

50% non reflective window film is one of the lightest used on motor cars. This film is a dyed film and has a very subtle appearance when viewed from the outside. 50% non reflective is a popular choice for people who want maximum light penetration.

Besides this film being used on motor cars, it is also used on flat glass applications and looks virtually clear when looking from the inside out. This film blocks 53% of the visible light helping to cut excessive glare in half. Solar energy reduction is 32%. This film should not be used where excessive amounts of heat pour into spaces as it is not effective enough.

All non reflective films come with a scratch resistant coating and have been tested by South African Bureau of Standards with the use of Taber abraser equipment to evaluate the amount of scratching after 100 cycles.

Non reflective films stop 99% of the ultra violet light, one of the main causes of fading of furnishings and interiors.
All non reflective films have an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesion which helps to reduce injuries from flying glass, whether broken under human impact or natural disasters.

Non reflective 50% Grey/Charcoal Performance Data

Percentage of total solar transmitted 60%
Total solar energy reflected 8%
Total solar energy absorbed 32%
Visible light transmitted 47%
Visible light reflected 6%
Winter U value 1.15
Visible light transmitted 1%
Shading co-efficient .78
Total solar energy rejected 32%

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All Klingshield window film and window tinting products have a scratch resistant coating to ensure they look like new after many years.The window film and window tint coating is demonstrated below.These tests were done by the South African Bureau of Standards,comparing regular films to Klingshield scratch resistant film.The scratch resistant window film is marked with "SR-12"and as can be seen,after 100 cycles,there is hardly any scratching when compared to the regular samples.

scratch resistant window film from Klingshield


Glass skylights are very imperssive aesthetically,however,in most cases the temperatue below them is never ideal,either too hot or too cold.Klingshield window film and tinting has been installed on hundreds of skylights to create a stable working and living environment under these skylights.

skylights require window film


Klingshield's non reflective window films, laminated to thick safety films, is utilised for the application of vehicle windows, to turn ordinary glass in shatterproof glass. This process is known as smash and grab window tint and is very popular amongst motorists in South Africa,as it is a life saving product and a must for any person living in South Africa today.