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Become a Window Film Installer

Opportunity to Become a Window Film Installer

Opportunities to get into the window film business are available to entrepreneurs in various territories throughout South Africa and its adjoining neighbours.

Existing business people in the motor glass industries or any other industries have the opportunity to expand sales, gain market share and increase profits by becoming a Klingshield agent in various areas.

Klingshield is a dynamic and rapid expanding brand of professional window film installers with 40 years experience in this industry. We are looking for companies with good track record, financial strength, passion and flair. In return, we offer a complete line of quality products, a branded image, comprehensive technical training and market support.

If you are interested in looking for an opportunity to work with the world leaders in window film and are committed to increasing your business, we welcome you to share our opportunities.

We at Klingshield have a state of the art website to support your activities and you can rely on us for the best window film product range on offer. All our products carry a warranty and our pricing is competitive. Once you become an agent, you will have a consistent supply of products and will be given personal attention and an excellent customer service.

We offer a marketing department as well as technical support and our experience beats any other window film company hands down.We will make sure that you get off to the right start by offering expert assistance in choosing or establishing the correct working area, giving you store layouts, store design and a complete inventory selection. You will be offered an intense training programme in both sales and installation. We have immediate telephone help and an up to date website to ensure you gain experience from the start. A certificate of authenticity as well as letters of recommendation will be provided to enable you to offer your customer confidence and peace of mind.

We have the largest wealth of marketing literature, point of sale material, brochures and leaflets which can be customised for your local market. We also do co-operative advertising which will benefit all our dealers.  We will always be ahead of our competitors when it comes to new products, research, testing and development. The overall advantage of becoming a Klingshield agent will be the 40 years of glass treatment to film experience.

For more information on product samples, agents agreements or questionnaires, please contact us

Klingshield have been in the window film business for the past 40 years.No company can exist that long,in the window film business,unless they know exactly what they are doing.Klingshield are experts in the marketing of window film,in the the admin of a window film business,in the technical side of the window film business and in the installation of window film.

Kllingshield educates it's approved dealers on how to create enquiries in the window film and window tinting business.


Klingshield's window film school

At  the Klingshield window film school,mentors insist that "repetiton is the mother of learning",as demonstrated below.


Finding the market

No window film business can exist without stong sales.

Klingshield's school teaches sales consultants all the tricks in the trade when it comes to closing a deal in the window fillm and window tinting business.

sales management