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Originators of Stained Glass Window Film

Originators of Stained Glass Window Film

Tasteful, delightful and beautiful stained glass look-alike window film was launched into the window film market by Klingshield after the patenting of window graphics in the early 80’s.

These beautiful stained glass designs were indistinguishable from the real leaded glass. Approximately 20 patterns were available and installations have been carried out in Churches, restaurants and some homes. The home market utilised this product for front entrances, and/or bathrooms, etc. It upgraded living and working environments and is still available today, direct from the Klingshield Head Office.

Decorative window films were also imported from Japan at that stage, offering sandblast style designer films in stripes, squares, dots and patterns. Numerous consumers utilised this product in glass areas in homes and offices, particularly in partitioning. This stylish product is still available today and there is a wide range to choose from. This range came in embossed and virtually had a similar look to glass etching or sandblasting. Designers and decorators make use of these products as it is an alternative to traditional edging.

It is interesting to note that CP films are now offering these type of films for their 2011 range. This shows how advanced Klingshield, as an innovative window company really is! In today’s modern homes, Architects are making more use of glass than ever before and consumers can utilise these products to brighten up their surroundings at a very reasonable cost.

Other innovative window film products marketed and installed by Klingshield are a range of fashion series, colour tinted window film applied to glass to create a rainbow of options. Klingshield were the first out with these ice cream colour window films many years ago, and still today offer this unique window film range, which is now being applied in modern commercial buildings as well as upmarket shopping centres to create a colourful ambience. Some of the colours include red tints, blue tints, green tints, pink tints, orange tints and yellow tints.

For further information on stained glass window film, decorative window films, as well as the array of rainbow colour window films, please contact us.

Klingshield,the window film specialists,were the first company in the world to produce stained glass look-alike films.These stained glass look-alike window films were available as a DIY install kit or installed by the Klingshield window film installation team.

stained glass window film by Klingshield

One of Klingshield's stained glass look-alike window film applied to a bathroom window 

 look a like stained glass window film from Klingshield


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