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Paint Protection Film for Cars

Paint Protection Film for Cars

Paint Protection for Cars

Paint Protection Film for Cars

Klingshield Paint Protection News
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa March 2011

Why Not Give Your Car a Nose Job – Stone-Shield ?

Klingshield’s new range of 200 micron polyurethane protection film for paintwork on your vehicle is now available direct from Klingshield.

Thick self adhesive polyurethane film is applied to the front exposed surfaces of your paint work and lights to stop damage caused by stones, gravel, scratches, rocks, bugs and other road debris.

The film also protects against all elements and is clear, allowing each vehicle’s brilliant colour to show through without distortion and can also mould to the original contours and design of the car.

This protective film is also being used by motor manufacturers in small areas to stop scratching. Porsche and Toyota are using the product to protect the paint.

Stone-Shield needs to be applied by certified trained self adhesive film professionals and we at Klingshield have ensured that our staff whom have been with us for the past 20 years, have had adequate training in this new application. The product will hold the value of your car as it eliminates scratching on bumpers, fenders, headlights and other areas.

The film applied to headlights is thicker than the regular film and is 300 micron thick in order to stop cracking and shattering of headlights, which are very expensive replacement parts and often get damaged when travelling on sand or dusty roads.

Motor dealers are taking advantage of this product as it is an excellent add on and very good value for money.

After installation, the product gets applied with a special after treatment polish and is virtually undetectable. The film has masses of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesion and can be stretched into place to offer a bubble and dust free installation.

The new invisible paint protection will not discolour the paintwork.
In the motor industry today the product will be known as a front nose job, which will be a complete front section paint protection. Bonnet protection will be known as the Bra and other areas as panties!

Should you require any other information on Klingshield’s Stone-Shield high quality distortion free polyurethane paint protection film, please contact Leon on 011 640-2025

Car paint protection film prevents stone chips and scratching

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