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Paint Protection for Cars

Paint Protection for Volvo and Land Rover

It is interesting to note that South Africa has approximately 10 million vehicles on its roads. A person’s motor car is the second biggest investment one makes and it has become necessary, with the amount of cars on the road and the enormous amount of road works taking place, for consumers to start protecting their cars.

Consumers who spend much time on the open road driving at higher speeds, hate to see their car unnecessarily damaged by loose gravel and stones which we experience almost daily on our roads.

Stone-Shield paint shield by Klingshield is a product that will ensure your car always looks good. Stone-Shield is professionally installed in a dust free area at Klingshield’s environmental free fitment centre.

Numerous consumers realise that before they take delivery of a car, one needs to have numerous after care products installed to ensure your car retains its new look and one drives in a safe, shatterproof vehicle.

Paint protection was originally developed by the USA military to protect helicopter motor blades. After some time, the racing industry realised the value of paint protection and also started applying thick polyurethane film to all leading painted surfaces that are vulnerable to much wear and tear.

Paint protection film is also used by manufacturers worldwide on various parts of the car that absorb enormous amounts of wear and tear.

Yesterday at the Klingshield fitment centre we installed paint protection to a new Volvo. The complete front section was protected, including the headlights. We also did a full house installation on a Land Rover, which included a nose job paint protection, a thick smash and grab safety film to the sides and back window, and a Nano Ceramic high performance windscreen film was fitted to reduce the infra red (heat) by 91%.

The final installation was with Kleen-Shield, a liquid glass coating which keeps glass looking clean and sparkling, enabling one to have as perfectly clear view through all windows within a car. The Kleen-Shield liquid coating had to be applied to the interior and exterior of the glass. Professional application to 20 surfaces of glass had to be systematically applied with Kleen-Shield to give the Land Rover windows a lasting sparkle and reduce the cleaning of the windows by 90%.

The full house application of all four products took approximately 10 hours.

The car left our fitment centre shining like a new pin. The Sales Manager of Tom Campher Volvo was delighted with the results. We have been instructed to collect 3 more cars as a result of the fine installation carried out by Klingshield’s fitment centre.

For more information on our range of products please consult our website under our Stone-Shield, Kleen-Shield, Smash & Grab and Paint Protection sections or simply contact us.

vehicle body protection film from Klingshield