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A Parked Car Death Trap

A Parked Car is a “Death Trap”

Numerous experiments have been undertaken over the years in the South African market to prove the effectiveness of sun control window film applied to vehicle windows. The well known “You” magazine did some independent testing on Klingshield’s smash and grab window films some years ago.

Results from these tests showed that a car with Klingshield window film is 15 degrees cooler than the identical car without window film. This test was carried out on two Toyotas in Johannesburg on a hot summers day and the proof of the pudding was in the eating. You Magazine with its large distribution, created much attention for the window film industry and showed it’s readers the advantages of having Klingshield applied to their windows.

Another recent heat experiment was conducted by Paul Kirk of Johannesburg, who tested his own car in his driveway. The results found that the car parked in the sun for 20 minutes could reach a temperature of 77 deg C. “It was so hot” says Paul, “that it burnt my hand”. Paul then spoke to a forensic pathologist who told him that a child or pet could easily die from heat stroke if left in the car for a pretty long period. This should be a warning to parents or pet owners.

Consumers can be comforted to know that Klingshield sun control films can prevent up to 60% of the suns heat from entering the car and reducing the interior temperature. High performance window films would be able to reduce the temperature from 77 deg C to approximately 50 deg C.

The introduction of front windscreen film is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it helps to reduce the heat from coming in through the front windscreen, which is the largest window in the car. Windscreen technology also reduces glare and gives extra strength to the windscreen should one be involved in an accident or a violent attack against the windscreen.

Leather and fabric after a number of years starts to fade and crack, making one’s car look shabby and also reducing the resale value. Klingshield’s window film applied to car windows reduces the ultra violet by 99.5%. This saves the interior from fading and keeps the car looking new at all times, even after numerous years of use.

Should any consumer be interested in saving their upholstery, keeping their car cooler and having a glare-free experience while driving, they should contact Klingshield to have the new high performance smash and grab window film installed at a reasonable rate. Klingshield’s safety film also turns ordinary glass into shatterproof glass.



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