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Petrol bombing in the streets of London

Petrol bombing in the streets of London.

It has been reported today that rioters are using firebombs and rampaging the streets of London causing horrific damage to property.

Scenes of burnt cars litter the streets creating a war zone ambiance with frightened people scattering in all areas.

First criminals stone windows of cars and shops to smash the glass and then follow through with Molatov cocktails which are hurled into the interiors of the cars and shops.These actions create an instant fire and within seconds a huge fire erupts and the burning begins.

Millions of pounds of damage is caused and glass is scattered all over the streets as reported by people living in these areas.The kids in certain vicinities don't care and it is always the youth who get involved in anarchy worldwide.The same scenario happened in South Africa in 1976 when the youth created an uprising creating a change in the political situations.

The rioting began in a peaceful march but soon turned violent after man was shot by police.Fresh rioting has spread to north, south and west London in a “copy cat” style violence.This is the worst rioting in years in Britain. More than one hundred people have been arrested. Store windows were smashed all over London and shops were set alight. Rioting has moved to Oxford Street. Numerous police offers have been injured and there is fighting in the streets. London fire departments are fighting fires all over the place. Rioters are looting luxury stores, Footlocker,  McDonalds and a number of jewellery stores .

Police cars were set alight and the situation is getting out of control.

Thick window film for all glass areas will become a necessity in the future and lessons can be learnt from these horrific experiences.Windows need maximum protection, cutting risks in all major cities throughout the world as these situations can be repeated at any time, anywhere and any place.


Klingshield thick window film applied to glass makes it very difficult to penetrate by reinforcing the windows for cars and offices.

All police cars worldwide should be fitted with safety film to turn them into fortresses . Most car windows shatter by stoning and don't offer any protection from missiles.

The film is fitted to the inside of the vehicle windows and has been tested on numerous occasions by authorities and Governments throughout the world over the years.

Window film comes in different gauges and is manufactured in the USA.

The products are visually clear and have a very aggressive adhesive to hold film and glass together.

Bomb proof


Below is a window that was treated with Klingshield's safety film.The window was attacked with a petrol bomb which failed to penetrate through the glass and window film.Klingshields petrol bomb proofing window film is the ideal solution in any area where violent attacks with molotov cocktails could take place.

Klingshield started testing window film applied to glass in the 1970's. Klingshield was ther first window film company to apply ultra-thick safety window film onto glass to prevent petrol bombs passing through windows.