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Windscreen Film

Popularity of Windscreen Film

It is interesting to see how popular windscreen protection film in cars have become. More and more people are realising the value of applying Nano Ceramic film on to their front windscreens. They are enjoying the heat relief of 91%, as well as the reduction of bright headlights distorting their view at night. Nano Ceramic window film cuts out 99.5% of the ultra violet light which is the main cause of damage to upholstery and plastic parts within the vehicle.

Dealers are enjoying the product as it offers their customers a unique experience when driving a car with Klingshield’s Nano Ceramic technology window film on the front windscreen.

Front Windscreen

Sunrays literally fly through windscreens, causing intolerable rise in temperatures within the cabin of the vehicle. Stopping the heat at the source i.e. the windscreen, and rejecting the infra red makes windscreen protection film the ultimate in comfort because of the stabilised temperature created in the car.

With the price of oil rising worldwide and the increase in our local petrol, makes saving of gas a necessity. Reduced airconditioning creates a saving as airconditioning units are “fuel guzzlers”.

The application of windscreen film is highly technical and needs to be moulded to the shape of the windscreen.

Klingshield only uses Nano Ceramic film for windscreens and offers a ten year warranty on the product. No old style films are used on windscreens as they are too dark, low performing on heat and illegal.

Klingshields Nano Ceramic window film allows 72% visible light into the car, whereby conforming with the SABS regulations on density of film allowed on front windscreens.

According to the regulations, 70% of the light must come through the front windscreen and the film applied must have no scratches or tears. Klingshield’s highly qualified technical department have invested time, money and energy into applying products to maximum standards and conformity.

The future for windscreen film is very promising and we as a company are proud to sell such an amazing product with so many benefits to fill a need in vehicle protection.

Should you require to have the new Nano Ceramic windshield film applied to your car, please contact us to make an appointment to have your car booked in. The application of a front windscreen takes approximately three hours.