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Privacy Window Film “Day and Night”

Privacy Window Film “Day and Night”

Privacy Window Film Day and Night

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

While most dark reflective and dark non reflective window films offer privacy, these are for daytime privacy only. Most of these films once applied to windows in homes and offices, will only give you privacy during the day and at night the reverse takes place. The reason these films give you privacy during the day is because the light outside is far greater than the light inside, whereby creating a mirror or a dark tint look.

However, when the consumer puts on his lights at night inside and it is dark outside, the reverse takes place. One cannot see out, however, humans can see in from the outside. The normal answer to this problem is the close your blinds or curtains at night. However, if one does not have curtains or blinds, and wants privacy at night this is a problem.

An answer to the above problems is to apply a translucent film to your windows which will give you day and night time privacy. However, one cannot see through these films during the day. The beauty about these translucent privacy films is that they still allow in ample light and do not create dark areas. Of course these products offer you day and night time privacy which is required by some users. For instance if you have a window facing your neighbour and you don’t want them to see through your windows then a translucent privacy film is an ideal solution to this problem.

These privacy films come in white, bronze, silver and black. The white is a white translucent film. The bronze is a white translucent laminated with a bronze tinted film. The silver is a white translucent laminated with a silver 20 reflective film. The black translucent film is a complete blackout film which allows in no light at all. This black out film is ideal for projection rooms or in areas where one might have a wall constructed behind a window and one needs to have complete privacy.

Specifications on privacy films are as follows :

White translucent
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 69%
Total solar energy rejected 28%
Therefore this film cuts out 31% of the glare and stops 28% of the total solar energy which makes it a very efficient privacy film.

Bronze translucent
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 36%
Total solar energy rejected 39%
Therefore this film cuts out 64% of the glare and stops 39% of the total solar energy.

Silver Translucent
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 16%
Total solar energy rejected 79%
This film is an excellent all round film as it stops 84% of the glare and 79% of the total solar energy rejected.

Visible light transmitted (allowed in) Zero
Total solar energy rejected 72%
This film blocks 100% of glare and stops 72% of the total solar energy, creating a black dark interior with a high solar energy rejection.

The above films have been tested in accordance with Aimcal and Ashrae standards. They all have a pressure sensitive adhesion and will act as a safety film should the glass break for any reason.

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