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Professional Window Film Consultants

Professional Window Film Consultants

Professional Window Film Consultants
Professional Window Film Consultants

Johannesburg South Africa March 2011
Window Tinting/ Window Film/Window Coating News

After spending almost four decades servicing the commercial, residential and automotive markets, one realises that to offer the consumer the right information and product to solve a certain window related problem, one needs to understand the difference and specifications of each of the products available in the market place.

A professional window film consultant knows exactly which product to recommend to the consumer from past experience and the correct training in the different types of films on the market today.

It amazes me when going out to see clients how little our competitors know and understand about the various types of products. These order takers normally measure up and leave a sample of film without giving the correct specifications and recommendations to the user.

Klingshield’s professional window film salesmen are well trained to survey premises and discuss the consumer’s requirements with them. They will assess the need and recommend the best form of protection available. The most important thing when recommending a window film product, is to find out what the customer’s problem is, whether it be direct sunlight causing havoc with screens, heat build-up, fading or safety of windows, or perhaps a combination of related problems.

When one talks about glare, i.e. visible light, there are films that block up to 95% of the glare and there are even films that stop 100% of the visible light. When dealing with heat, one can vary the degree of rejection required, depending on which direction the windows face and how intense the heat is.

When dealing with ultra violet light it is important to inform the consumer that fading is caused by numerous factors. Although ultra violet is the main cause of fading, other factors such as heat and visible light also cause some fading. In some cases one has to compromise in the film chosen as very dark films are not suitable, especially in homes. Also, dark, grey and bronze films can create cracking due to high absorption and one needs to be careful when recommending these films in certain installations.

Laminated glass is a definite no-no when it comes to dark, grey and bronze reflective films as they absorb too much heat. Silver films are always recommended for shatterproof or laminated glass as the reflection is far greater on the silver films and the absorption rate is very low.

One has to also be very careful recommending dark films to consumers who are used to living with lots of light. When recommending a film, a professional window film consultant will always check other available light coming into a room.

Safety window film also needs to be selected carefully when advising customers, depending on the protection one is looking for. There are various thicknesses available. It is also important to advise the consumer of long drying periods when it comes to thick safety films.

The application of window films to motor cars is also very interesting, as most of the local market utilise a thick tinted film for smash and grab. However, the consumer does not realise that one can have a high performing solar safety film applied to their car windows, which has a 30% greater performance in reducing the inside temperature within the cabin of the vehicle.
Consumers also don’t realise that the front windscreen is a major problem when it comes to heat build up within vehicles.

New Nano Ceramic window film is ideal for front windscreens as it reduces the infra red heat by as much as 92%. This Nano Ceramic windscreen film also reduces glare day and night by 30% and offers an extra security layer for your windscreen.

More and more car owners are realising the benefits of this powerful sun reducing product. However many window film companies do not utilise this technology as they find the application too difficult. We at Klingshield install windscreen film on a daily basis and do an excellent application due to our many years of experience.

Certain films also play havoc with cellphone signals and GPS and one has to be careful to select the correct product to avoid these problems.

Should you require any further information on the various products available for commercial, residential or automotive use, please contact us.


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