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Promote Safety and Security Window Films

 Promote Safety and Security Window Films

How to Promote the value of Safety and Security Window Films

Klingshield Marketing Department

Johannesburg South Africa April 2011

In our past articles we have spoken about creating a “wow” factor when it comes to marketing and advertising. Companies need to look for ways to improve the marketing of their product brands to create attention and be seen in the market place.

If a window film company wants to get serious about selling safety window film one has to participate in a unique marketing exercise. Countries throughout Europe can take advantage of the large markets available to them when it comes to securing and shatterproofing windows throughout their countries.

Klingshield as a company, started its business in the safety window film market. Ideas were tossed around during heavy brainstorming sessions on how to put a new product into the market place. Decisions were made and a plan of action was laid down and this is how we went about it.

The first thing we decided was that a live demonstration was necessary to prove the value of the product to the public. A date was set and a venue was selected and secured. Numerous glass frames were produced with specialised beading that could create a removable and reusable window frame . Glass panes in various thicknesses were cut to size to fit the frames. Different thicknesses of window films were applied to the glass to enable us to demonstrate the different performance values by applying different thicknesses of glass with different thicknesses of films. The reason for this was because windows vary in thickness of glass depending on their location. Thicker window films offer more protection and this was imperative when demonstrating the impact resistance of the combinations of glass and film.

Self carbonised test sheets (one copy for visitor and one copy to be handed back to the company once completed) were printed, showing the location of the demonstration, the name of the person attending the demonstration and his company name and a section for comments on each test sheet was made available.

Invitations were sent out to all the major players in the safety and security industry, which included government officials, conglomerate security officials and anyone responsible for the safety and security of personnel and properties.

The invitation advised the guests of the place and time that the demonstrations would take place as well as explaining the type of demonstrations i.e. bomb explosions, smash & grab attacks on glass, petrol bombing of windows, stoning and the effects and advantages of applying film to glass areas.

Professional explosive experts had to be sought, as well as permission from town councils to allow explosives to be set off within the designated area where the demonstration would take place.

The big day arrived. People streamed in from Government and Industry and everybody who attended was given a test sheet to be filled in with an eyewitness report of what was seen and what they experienced.

Drinks and food were laid on and the ambience was “explosive” and a short presentation was given, advising the audience of how the demonstration would take place and show the value of safety film on glass.

The complete demonstration took two hours and people experienced for themselves the results of the different thicknesses of films and glass. The film held the glass together and highlighted the value of the safety film in reducing injuries in a glass related attack from petrol bombs, stone throwers, smash and grabbers, explosives, molatov cocktails, bricks and rocks.

After this impressive demonstration which was appreciated by all, and which gave an understanding of the dangers of glass under certain circumstances, one of the duplicated test sheets were collected by the Klingshield representative, which spelt out clearly the thoughts and impression of the performance of the window film by each visitor. The other copy remained with the visitor for further reference.

These test result sheets became selling tools as they had names of the top brass within the security industry, as well as their comments on the performance of our product. Their comments were amazing from “very impressive, very sound tests, please call me, excellent product, etc.”

Klingshield sales people utilised these test sheets to go out and promote safety film in all areas showing the test sheets as testimonial to what the top people in the industry had to say about Klingshield’s product range. This served invaluable when promoting and selling the product and even today these sheets are utilised by all Klingshield sales consultants to prove to the customer the value of our product.

Demonstrations were arranged in all major cities throughout South Africa and Klingshield soon established branches selling and installing window films to all major buildings throughout Government and Industry.

The above demonstrates how one needs to get out of the norm and utilise these kind of marketing exercises to the benefit of the consumer as well as to the company to promote the use of window film applied to glass. This same exercise can be carried out by other window film companies worldwide today as safety film on windows is applicable worldwide as violence can flare up anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Terrorist explosions are a modern day thing and the public need protection when it comes to securing glass as glass is a killer under the above circumstances.

The bottom line when you have a new product with no track record to market , is to name drop the right people and the right company when promoting and selling, as we have done with the test sheets. This is called “smart marketing”.

For further information on advertising, marketing and safety film, please contact us.