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Protective Window Film Companies

Protective Window Film Companies Can Learn from Other Industries

From my experience in business I have learnt that to be a smart business man one needs to keep abreast of all the latest products and technology available in the world market. This exercise alone is time consuming. However, it is very important for a company to be ahead of the game offering the latest and best products available.

I continually travel the world and attend trade shows to enable our company to be forerunners in the window film industry. Trade shows are an experience and enlighten people, taking advantage of many aspects which add value to companies. It is amazing how different we are and how different people see different things when going to a trade show or generally surveying new cities and environments.

The other day I ventured out to our local hardware store to pick up a few bits and pieces required for our paint protection installations. As I walked into the store I noticed a pylon display unit with a TV monitor at the top with plastic compartments holding brochures in the middle area. The product was on display at the lower areas of the pylon stand. As I stood and watched this well presented video by an Australian company, I soon realised the value of the presentation as well as the advantages of the product. This presentation impressed me and gave me new ideas on how to present window film, paint protection and liquid glass coating for our own company.

The product on display was called “Dirt Trapper”. The word “Dirt Trapper” was well chosen as the product name tells a story. On the tag next to the Dirt Trapper name was a picture of a dog’s face, with a tag line “your floor’s best friend”. The product was a doormat which traps dirt at the entrances to your home or offices. It stops mud, water, oil, dirt from your shoes, wheels and animals pore marks, from being tramped all over and brought into spaces.This mat has a non slip heavy duty rubber backing and is virtually indestructible. It can be machine washed and is 100% cotton. I was very impressed with a product that leaves dirt at the door and immediately purchased one to test for myself. The results are amazing and I recommend it as a useful energy saving product as it reduces housework.
This is the kind of exercise all window film company owners should be on the lookout for as new products create new ideas, new markets and increase turnover.

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