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Rain Repellent – Kleen-Shield

Driving home from work on Friday afternoon I experienced the most horrific thunderstorm. I am fortunate enough to have been involved in the research and development of a rain repellent product over the last 20 years and recently had Klingshield’s Kleen-Shield applied to my car.

Under normal conditions, heavy raindrops falling on to a windscreen, spread and adhere to the glass, interfering with the way you see the road. This reduces the driver’s perception and visibility in many ways, especially at night. It is difficult to see a car or pedestrians approaching with poor visibility. The rain acts like a lens and the scattering of light through the raindrops creates different reflections in different directions. When one puts on the windscreen wipers, only part of the raindrops are swept away.

Fog also causes objects to become fainter and less distinctive and the spray of water from streets and tyres create dirt adhering to the windscreen which sometimes creates a situation of beyond the limit visibility.

To counteract the serious problem, it is interesting to note that the aviation industry utilises a windshield treatment on most commercial airlines to repel the rain. These rain repellent products can last from one month to one year, depending on the various climatic conditions.

Rain Repellant

Car safety experts and road departments in many countries throughout the world have carried out numerous tests on these products over the years. Many airlines using a rain repellent product such as Quantas, Swiss Air, South African Airways and many more, have a spray on system which is highly efficient, fast acting and long lasting, creating an almost perfect visibility in a matter of seconds.

Klingshield’s Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating improves the visibility by up to 50%, as the raindrops that fall on a treated windscreen, turn to transparent beads and simply roll of the windscreen, removing the dirt at the same time. Kleen-Shield is a definite solution for drivers, as it improves the visibility and offers full time extremely good performance under stormy and rainy conditions.

Also known as car window treatment, car windshield repellent, rain away and water repellent for windscreens.

For me driving through this bad storm on Friday afternoon, I watched as people pulled to the side of the road, switched their lights on and waited for the storm to subside. For me, the raindrops rolled off and I had crystal clear visibility, as I also had a new good set of windscreen wipers fitted and was able to drive on with clear visibility.

With a bit of slight fog appearing on my windscreen, I simply wiped it off with my bare hand and the window became absolutely clear, as I also had the Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating applied to the inside of the windscreen.

Klingshield offers a rain repellent and dirt repellent coating for all windows of cars at their Fitment Centre in Johannesburg. This product is becoming popular as the consumer realises the value of keeping their windows clean, as well as the safety aspect.

Should you require anymore information on this product, please feel free to view our articles on our website relating to Kleen-Shield.