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Renewable Energy Opportunities

Energy Opportunities

Companies and Government are working hard to finding solutions to the energy crisis facing the world. Climate change is causing major problems in the universe and urgent action needs to be taken to alleviate these problems, Leon Levy the CEO of Klingshield, the leaders in energy conservation window film products in Africa said at the Indaba.
Window film reflects the sunlight from coming through glass and creates  cooler indoor spaces, reducing the need for air conditioning in some areas thereby saving electricity costs and maintenance of air conditioning units.
New window film technology now available also saves on winter heating bills as it insulates windows and keeps heat in buildings.
Governments around the world are creating additional taxes in order to try and get consumers to start taking energy saving and the emission of carbon dioxide more seriously and putting measures in place to bring in technology to create a cleaner and safer world.

Keep Your Car Cool
Rooftop solar photovoltaic installations are becoming very popular on buildings worldwide as well as solar farms to create energy straight into a  electric grid or to a battery storage system. This  system helps to reduce carbon footprint and the efficiency of the PV panels depends  on the weather conditions and the size of the installation.
Measures such as solar water in flat plate technology panels are also available. These are installed on the top of buildings to collect the heat from the sun and in turn heat the water, therefore saving electricity.

Heating water is an expensive exercise indeed and this system is not new or expensive and can save big bucks because 40% of household electricity bills account  for  heating water. A company in Pretoria in South Africa, African Emission Trading produces 2000 hot water panels a month.
Apart from solar heating water systems, one can also recycle waste in industry for example ,to produce energy Waste energy plants are now available and becoming more popular.

Rainbow Colour Films
Rain water or grey water as it is known in the industry can also be saved and used in various ways, saving on valuable tap water.  The rain water can be channelled from roofs into storage tanks and used for  watering of gardens, cleaning of cars as well as in industry. In addition, condensation from air conditioning can be used for cleaning of toilets.
Philips Electronics is producing an energy saving light-emitting diode (LED) lighting initiative which could save South African businesses a collective R41 million a year. A full switch to the latest lighting will provide lighting bill savings of up to 40%. These systems are known as intelligent lighting systems and have already been installed in many major banks worldwide .
Eskom is encouraging electricity consumers to reduce consumption and are offering certain rebates on renewable equipment installed in buildings. Energy saving consultancies are popping up and in a short space of time will be blossoming into a serious industry.  These auditors will evaluate the power saving in buildings and make all the necessary recommendations.
Sensors can be installed when lighting is not needed at certain times and dimming of lights outside peak times can also make for great savings.
Green building in South Africa are becoming the norm as reported by the Green Building Council of South Africa. The council has a number of strategic visions for the future.
Wind farms are another area where one creates renewable energy. However this technology works well in certain areas and needs a reasonable amount of wind to be effective.
These green initiatives call for retrofit of all the above services and products and is an ideal opportunity for window film installers to increase their activities and increase their turnover.
With the alarm bells ringing loader over climate change, it is time for businesses to take environment responsibility into consideration and to put into action green technology and to come to the party with their promises they have been making for years to reduce carbon dioxide emission and to save our planet.
The trend towards clean energy is a reality and there is enormous opportunity for business people to make loads of money as most of these products and services have" pay back periods" and in the long run with the price of power on the increase companies will be forced to utilise these services to remain competitive.
One needs to have vision to see clearly what opportunities there are available and I only hope this article will help to produce much wealth for window tinting and window film companies in the future.