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Reputable Companies Have Major Web Sites

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Having been in the window tinting industry for the past 40 years, I have seen them come and go the same way as fashion trends - "in today out tomorrow ". In the UK they call them “Cowboys or Night Riders”. In for a quick buck, but when they realise that this is no easy business they run for their lives with their squeegees, spray bottles and half a roll of Chinese window film in hand!

The poor consumers who paid good money to reduce the harsh sunlight streaming through their windows, lands up with bubble trouble on their glass and a blurred vision when looking out their windows. I have watched this scene over and over and have been called in to rectify the mess on numerous occasions. "Goedkoop is duurkoop ".

The moral of the story is “look before you leap”. Do your homework before you part with your hard earned money. Money does not grow on trees so why throw it out the window.

The first thing one should do is look at the company website. Make sure the company you have chosen to install window film on your windows has an address and premises because you will be surprised to find how many “hit and run” shady outfits operate on Google without disclosing their address. They only advertise a cell phone number. This is the first sign of a slick suede shoe operator know as a “shenanigan”!

sun stopper

The next step is to look for a reference or testimonial page. When reading the “about us” page don't take too much notice of the copy as the owner can write whatever he likes about their company history. “Bulls…t baffles brains” !

The best assurance is a letter of reference going back some time. Take the trouble to phone them and check out the company. Obviously it is always better to do business with a household name that is generic with the product like Klingshield who started operating in the 1970’s in the window film industry and are the patent holders and originators of many window treatment products South Africa and Worldwide.

Another way to see the wood from the trees is to make sure the consultant leaves a sample of film with you so that when the installation takes place you can check that you are getting what he sold you. You will be surprise to find out how many order takers don't even leave samples with potential clients.

In today’s sophisticated world the consultant should be able to demonstrate how much unwanted UV the film can cut out. The UV is a harmful part of the sun that we can do without coming through our windows as it destroys our curtains, carpets and furniture by changing the colours through fading and destroys our expensive home fabrics .

The next exercise should be a demonstration of how much heat the product can reduce from the radiation of the intense sunlight if one is suffering with a heat build up in a room which is making it uncomfortable to live in. Klingshield window film products in reflective styles can reduce that intense hot radiation of the sunlight by as much as 80%. A professional sales person or consultant which is a better term, can demonstrate a variety of products that can vary the reduction of heat from the direct sunlight as it might make more sense to only for argument sake, require a reduction of 50%.

The next issue is the amount of visible light that one wants to reduce. Visible light is a very important part of the sunlight as it is the part that illuminates the room from the rays of the sun and it's energy also creates an uncomfortable scenario when it comes to reflection on tv's and computer monitors as well as emitting a blinding bright light. This is the reason humans wear sunglasses outdoors because the glare which is the visible light causes discomfort, and one needs to reduce it significantly. Putting Klingshield window film on your car, home or office windows is like fitting a pair of shades or sunglasses on your precious property.

Another factor to take into consideration is the colour of the film which is a personal choice. It should match with the surroundings and ambiance from the exterior and interior. The same thing would apply in choosing sunglasses. There is an array of choices in colours as one would have a preference as to how they would like to view the world.

Looking back at the companies in South Africa that have come and gone in our industry , it is like reading the names on tombstones in the cemeteries. Many, many companies are dead and buried and their poor customers have their warranties in hand that are not worth the paper they were written on.

Most of the companies have gone bankrupt or died suddenly as they run out of working capital. Others have been selling at low prices or doing poor installations or selling inferior products. We are a company who has being doing it right as we run a smart business and have a passion for our company and our products. Our name is more important than our bottom line and our policy is "service and quality is our policy". Our staff carry badges of honour and thank goodness we have had some luck which is also needed in business. We have grown and prospered under the toughest conditions and markets so it will be extremely unlikely to find a window treatment company who has run a successful business for 40 years and who still stands the test of time and keeps pace with the changing markets.

We have a fantastic team of dedicated workers who understand the business inside out and you can also be assured that if for any reason you are not totally satisfied, you can call Leon Levy, CEO, who heads up the After Sales Service Department and the problem will be sorted out.

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