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The Role Window Film Plays

Indoor comfort with window film

Self adhesive window films were first developed in the USA in the 50’s. Early films reflected the solar radiation back from the window, preventing the warming of the interior surface, but still allowing vision through the glass. This industry has “grown up” over the past forty years and today manufactures magnificent high-tech user friendly window films.

This business started as a “Mamma and Pappa” business with very mediocre products.

Good quality safety films were manufactured in the 70’s by a company called Ozalid in England. Klingshield was appointed as the exclusive distributor at that time and safety film was applied to hundreds of buildings in London as the IRA extremists were active and many bombs exploded at that period in time in London. Window film has saved thousands of lives due to the fact that it holds the glass together under explosive situations or violent attacks.

Today the window film industry is a huge industry worldwide responsible for helping reduce the amount of sun penetration into offices, homes and cars, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment and turning ordinary glass into shatterproof glass.

Due to the fact that window film reduces the risk of skin cancer, melanoma, headaches, eye strain and fatigue caused by the sun’s harmful rays, it is recommended by the Worldwide Health Organisations and the American Cancer Society.

Safety and solar window films are used in all cities across the world, in Government buildings, Embassies, shopping centres, offices, factories and homes and cars.

Multi-functional solar safety film on cars has become the norm in many countries who experience smash & grab attacks, riot attacks and who take the damage caused by the UV rays to humans, very seriously. Many laws have been passed worldwide, standardizing the density of film allowed.

The new green initiative throughout the world has impacted on the window film industry, as reducing carbon footprints and cutting electricity bills plays an important part in the world today!

Many companies also use window film to beat the computer snooper.
As signals pass freely through normal glass, military personnel and police take measures to stop these waves by using specialized metalized window films. It is also interesting to note that the US military has had safety film applied on 5000 military vehicles in Iraq.

Many window tinting laws have been passed worldwide, standardizing the density of film allowed. In many countries business owners are not conversant with the regulation of the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act which stipulates where the penetration of direct sunlight in any workplace may pose a threat to the safety of the person in such workplace, the employer concerned shall ensure that such workplace is screened to avoid such penetration, but retaining as far as it is practical, outside visual contact”, says Levy of Klingshield.

“The Hanita Kibbutz in Israel who manufacture a large range of window films, has progressed over many years and has come up with some very impressive technology”, says Leon Levy the CEO of Klingshield South Africa.

Numerous companies are working on new innovative products to enable them to grab a large slice of the vibrant market that has emerged. The USA manufacturers have now got steep competition from the Asian markets.

“I hold the Window Film Association in America in high regard, as they offer good information and an excellent service to the industry” says Levy of Klingshield.

Leon Levy, the CEO of Klingshield South Africa, is working closely with a number of manufacturers to produce transition films. These films have the ability to transform from dark to light, depending on the amount of sunlight at the present time.

Another future product on the drawing board is a non-reflecting film that will be used on shop fronts, restaurants, etc. to eliminate the reflection one sees of themselves in windows, offering a clear view of merchandise for retail stores.

The new Nano-Technology window film has been an amazing breakthrough due to its high performance compared to the old style window film, and still allowing ample natural light to come into spaces.