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Film Beats Smash & Grab Thieves

Safety Film Beats Smash & Grab Thieves

The alarming increase in smash and grab or car jacking incidents as well as malicious stoning and petrol bombing of vehicles has reached crisis proportions in many cities throughout the world.

An American window film manufacturing company has responded to this problem with a new highly effective multi layered protective window film laminate which can virtually turn any car into a fortress, providing and shatterproof barrier between the driver and the hostile forces.


Klingshield, the South African window film company have a range of safety and solar film coatings for motor cars which are at great risk and have been completely neglected in certain market places.

The increasing number of women losing handbags, jewellery, laptops, and even their cars to criminals who smash closed windows with bricks and iron bars should be enough to convince any caring husband or employee that much greater protection is essential and needed.

Thanks to the new American manufactured safety films which is bonded to the inside of the glass, various levels of protection can be achieved which at least eliminates flying glass splinters and stops attackers gaining fast entry that they would need to ensure a quick getaway. At best they can be assured that a brick or iron bar just bounces off the windows even after repeated blows.


This new optically clear polyester laminate available from Klingshield has proven highly effective in the USA where car smash and grab incidents occur every six seconds and in Europe it is becoming more and more widespread. These Klingshield safety window tinting are available in optically clear and dark, medium or light shades.

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