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Safety Film For Safety

Safety and Security News by Klingshield

With the sudden death of Osama Bin Laden, world leaders are warning that the risk of revenge from this terrorist group is a great threat to the safety and security of the world.

Highlighting the terrorist bombing explosions worldwide on international news over the last few years, these bombings by extremists once again clearly shows the dangers of glass in all situation.

In every news report, flying glass killing and injuring people and destroying property, has been highlighted due to these effects.

Safety and security window films were first developed in the early seventies by the British Government to be applied to all glass in public areas as a safety precaution against the effects of flying glass. After extensive research into the effects of flying glass during the Second World War, it was found that most people were killed and injured from flying glass debris.


Innovative Products

Bomb proofing window film has become very popular worldwide because of the amazing protection it offers. Numerous American manufacturers also manufacture these films to reduce the dangers of flying glass in heavy storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

These films are made from a base material of polyester with excellent optical clarity and advanced adhesive formulas, assuring consumers peace of mind when installing safety film to their windows. Advanced adhesive systems applied to the film holds the glass and film together, creating a fusion and becoming one.

These safety products are usually made up of a multi-ply construction, creating thicker than normal films for high risk areas such as break ins and smash and grab attacks.

Safety film laminated with solar control films reduces the threat of flying glass and also enhances the solar performance offering the best of both worlds, keeping buildings safe and cool by blocking up to 67% of the sun’s energy.

Further, your interior furnishings are also protected by these Klingshield safety films from the deterioration effects of fading that comes from direct sunlight.

These solar safety films have also had large missile impact testing, as well as storm and hurricane testing. Hurricane testing is created by different volumes of vacuum and positive and negative pressures.


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