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Safety Window Film Adhesive Coatings

Let’s compare apples with apples when it comes to Safety Film Adhesive

Over four decades on numerous occasions, discussions have been held on how much stronger adhesive can be applied to safety film. The more adhesion on film, the greater the holding capacity of the glass. However, the more adhesive, the more difficult to manufacture and the lower the yield.

Good clear safety films also have from an adhesive standpoint, certain data factor considering adhesive weight and peel strength.

The window manufacturers around the world should advise the adhesive weight per lbs/ream in a transparent way. Window film companies around the world are not aware of adhesive weights on their safety film and they should be, as they are very important factors.

Understand that the more adhesive weight and higher the peel strength, is what makes safety film the product it should be. 12 lbs of adhesive deposit should be applied to quality safety film. Optical clarity plays an important role in the qualities of all window film products.

We at Klingshield understand the product “safety film” as we have been installing it since the 70’s and we have seen the results after decades of wear. Klingshield as a company utilises only the best products from its sources as it has tested these products for the past 38 years, and will continue testing on the world market into the future.

Shatterproof Windows

Our testing farm and research study centre demonstrates clearly the value and life expectancy of window films. Some films fade in 3 years and others are still good after 20 years.

We will endeavour to keep ahead in the window film market and you can be assured that we will always utilise the best products available as we are constantly testing all ranges of window film and new innovative products.

Testing laboratories utilise specimens with different products to international safety glazing specifications. Numerous testing has been done by the American Window Film manufacturers and they still rate as the most consistent and reliable manufacturers of window film. Improved technology and machinery is producing higher quality films. One pass machinery utilised by the American manufacturers is interesting technology.

New manufacturing plants are popping up all over the world market and there are interesting times ahead in the window film business. “Going Green” is the new buzz word in first world countries and window film companies should be sitting up and taking note. All Governments have committed to reducing carbon footprint. A huge amount of money has been poured into “going green” ideas and products. Thin film with absorbing energy technology will be very popular in the future.

This market is very new and one has to be careful in selecting the product that is going to have longevity for some time. Renewable energy offers much opportunity in all countries throughout the world.

The experience we have gained over the past 38 years has been an eye opener for us and we are driven by a strategic plan. We recognise the need to establish leadership in the window film industry. Our company will strive at all times to be the most interesting forerunner in the window film industry today.

Research and strategy is the backbone of our company and let the buyer “compare apples with apples”.


Shatterproof Windows