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See through window graphics in perforated film

Klingshield, the pioneers in window film in South Africa and the world patent holders for see-through signage, have now come out with a new generation perforated window film that can be applied to the inside of glass.

To date, most signage printed on contravision perforated material has been applied to the exterior of the glass.

This system has a short life as the weathering causes the product and the inks to deteriorate very quickly and most suppliers only offer a short warranty because of this problem.

Perforated window film allows for 65% printable area and 35% open see-through area.  The new product can be printed over the adhesive and be applied on the inside.  The adhesive leaves no residue when removing and of course the application on the inside is much easier and eliminates the use of scaffolding on high windows.

The finish of the new product will be far superior as the applicators will not have to deal with the pollution normally experienced when applying the product to the exterior.

A great deal of this material was used by the media in South Africa to advertise the activities of the World Cup by FIFA.

Many car dealers also use this product to advertise their latest models on their showroom windows.

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