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The Power of Innovation – Kleen-Shield Self-Cleaning Glass 

Over the last two decades Klingshield has worked on developing a new protective coating. This coating called Kleen-Shield, protects and maintains the surface of glass and is available exclusively to Klingshield.

Klingshield constantly offers new products and is busy on another innovative product called Magic-Cool, which is an aerosol spray which is sprayed in the car, office or home to immediately reduce the temperature and give relief. This product is still on the drawing board and will be available for offices, homes and cars.

Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating is a four step process, whereby the polymer silicone coating bonds chemically to the glass. The product is applied by airbrushing, to obtain a nano process, which adheres to the glass forming a chemical bond.

Water will break up into beads and easily run off the glass, thereby adding value and promoting safety. The treatment remains effective on the exterior of the glass, even when going through a car wash or squeegee cleaned with any window cleaner.

The interior application of Kleen-Shield will last indefinitely. However, the exterior requires to be refurbished after a year.

Kleen-Shield is available for commercial and fleet vehicles.

The Kleen-Shield treatment improves the visibility through windows of a car and last ten times longer than any other window cleaning product on the market. Hard water, body oil, mould, mildew, finger prints, salt spray, grease, sealants, will not adhere to the surface and the windows will remain clear and safer, maintaining and extending the natural beauty and clarity of glass.

The safety of passengers is increased, and independent tests have proven that
driver’s response time will be increased. Kleen-Shield’s four step process is applied to the windscreen, all side windows and back windows, interior and exterior, to improve the visibility.

Klingshield is selling licences for its complete range of products and granting companies typical geographic areas for the installation of all it’s products. Monthly royalties will also be applicable for interested parties.

This patented window treatment will change the way drivers see the road and is a technological breakthrough for automobile safety. Practical tests have been carried out, treating one half of a windscreen. This test clearly showed that treated windows provide clearer vision daytime and night time.

Come rain or shine, if you are on the road a lot, especially highways, Kleen-Shield will repel the dust and debris flying around, as nothing sticks to it, including rain and snow. It is an absolute treat to drive a vehicle with Kleen-Shield on the windows.

Once consumers have had their vehicles done and experienced the difference, they soon bring their other vehicles in for Kleen-Shield treatment, as they themselves have proved that Kleen-Shield is a highly effective product.

For further information please view our other pages on Kleen-Shield and contact us should you wish to book an appointment for the Kleen-Shield treatment.


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