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Self-Cleaning Windows Kleen-Shield

Self-Cleaning Windows

Keeping glass free of dirt from pollution to finger prints, dirt, dust and contamination is tiresome chore. Millions of people loathe the idea of getting on a ladder with a bucket and squeegee in hand to keep their windows sparkling.

Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating takes the pain out of cleaning your windows, interior and exterior. Kleen-Shield prevents contamination from being absorbed and adhering to the glass surface.

We have invented a window treatment that cleans itself automatically from rain and sun. The ultra thin spray on coating allows light to pass through it and is transparent.

Once the glass is cleaned, you have a non-stick wipe and go coating that makes it easy to get rid of engrained grime. The non-stick qualities of the Kleen-Shield coating is weather resistant and will remain on the glass indefinitely.

The magic of Kleen-Shield breaks the rain up into small droplets that makes it easier for them to disperse.

The UV part of the sunlight is a contributing factor to keeping the glass clean once applied with Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating. No more smears, streaks as the water washes the dirt away.


Self Cleaning Windows


This is a major breakthrough as window cleaning can be expensive, especially in high places where scaffolding is required. Also exterior windows, especially in buildings, are very costly to keep clean. Once applied your windows can be washed with a soft cloth and warm soapy water or hosed down to remove the dirt. Klingshield’s Kleen-Shield can also be used on window film, polycarbonate and Perspex surfaces.

Do not clean your windows with any harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.

For further information on Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating please view our Kleen-Shield page on our website. For prices etc. please contact us on our contact page.