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Art of Selling Window Film

Selling your Expertise

In this fierce competitive world that we live in, smart entrepreneurs are using their know-how to become specialised consultants.

There are a few realities one needs to look out for before one hits the road. First you must address your skills. Do you have what it takes to stand out above the rest and come over as a Professor in your field?

One needs to have lots of experience under one’s belt, as well as “entrepreneur drive” to be a top consultant like the people who consult for Klingshield, the original window treatment company in Johannesburg in South Africa.
One has to say "this is very important to me, this is what I enjoy and what I want to do". You must trust that you have vision and offer value to other companies or individuals and make a sincere effort to service and advise a variety of clients in a positive way. One needs to use one’s experience when servicing others.

Your personal assessment should include answering questions and asking questions and one needs to have ethics and principals to give direction and help others. When dealing with people your “people skills” need to be polished in order to assist them and make their jobs easier.

Training in specific tasks is important and being able to focus in different areas and act as a devil’s advocate, seeing where the company is going wrong. A top consultant needs to understand accounting, sales, marketing ,distribution, people, transport and all the other areas that go with what makes a success of whatever one puts their mind to.

One often hears the words “I don't have time”. Well if you don't have time and are not prepared to make time, in time you might find yourself out of business and at that time it's too late.

SABS Testing

The survival of a business depends on no surprises. To be successful one needs as much information as one can rapidly get so as to make the right decisions. Beyond that, companies who deal with human elements will be the ones who enjoy the greatest productivity from it's work force . When are workers productive? When they believe and feel appreciated and when they believe the company provides them with avenues of opportunities. How does one achieve this with your workers ? When one engages in philosophical discussions with them. That's how you encourage people to make your business the best possible place to work in.

One’s business is as good as one’s people and people are your most important asset. Most business people think it is only money that makes people happy. I don’t believe this. People want to be proud of what they do. They want to feel good about their contribution. People want to rise to the occasion and do good work and they will if one establishes an atmosphere of mutual trust. When I see how excited workers get when they know they are contributing to success there is always plenty of room to be optimistic.

One must be sure that he or she has the expertise to perform the job. I started in the trenches and have been totally dedicated to my business and have the tools and information to pass my skills on to others. I have made sure that I have become knowledgeable in every aspect of the business. I am also open minded and am willing to take responsibility for my actions. A top consultant can write a business plan for a company in their sleep. With a plan in place then is the time to recruit good staff members and building a customer base, because without good sales nothing else means that much.

Since most consultants have realised that to make any business work one needs a formula. It's like baking a cake. If you leave out one ingredient the cake will flop. The same goes with running a successful business. There are five ingredients:

  • Good products
  • Large market
  • Capital
  • Know-how
  • Hard work
  • If one of the ingredients are not in place, pack your bags and go fishing.


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