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Setting Up Office in the Window Film Business

Setting Up Reception and Office in the Window Film Business

The offices of any window film company is the heart of the operation and requires certain areas for different activities to ensure a good workflow. Visual impact is critical when forming the first impression. This is the customer’s first contact with your business after being drawn in by either advertising or a good visual impact from the exterior. See article “The exterior look of a window film company” in our website.

A clean, well organised and professional appearance will not only ensure the customer receives a positive signal, but will also give the consumer confidence in the company. This also applies to the staff working within these spaces. The idea is to keep it simple and functional and make sure it is a workable and pleasing area. Keep the colour scheme simple, a pale almost white colour for the walls, ceilings, doors and window frames and any contract can then be the logo, window samples framed and furniture.

It is imperative for a window film company to have their complete range of window film applied to glass within their showroom. It is also a good idea for all staff members to have film on their cars to enable them to feel the advantages as well as to use the vehicles to demonstrate the different light densities of window film to the walk- in customers.

A waiting room area with couches, a TV and a coffee machine to ensure the customer feels comfortable while waiting for Klingshield window film to be installed on his car is important. A vending coffee machine, as well as Wi-Fi connection should also be available in today’s modern world. Magazines and newspapers should also be available to keep the customer occupied and entertained.

Toilets and restrooms should be kept spotless at all times to ensure the customer gets the right impression of the company and its working areas.

Large cutting tables with template filing compartments underneath is advisable to use as a cutting area for do- it- yourself customers as well as storage for patterns. A rubber matting should be placed on top of a glass tabletop, which makes cutting easier. A measuring tape for easy sizing should be attached underneath each edge of the table top under the glass.

The Workshop area should be a “clean room” environment with white floors, doors, ceilings and walls. Good lighting from above and from the sides of the walls should be in place to enable installers to have clear vision when installing film.

Power outlets need to be installed for the use of heat guns and other electrical tools that may be required in the installation from time to time.

A tool board area should be set up to enable easy access by the installers for any tools required. Nails and clips should be used to hold all the tools and a black outline should be made around all tools to enable one to see if there is a missing tool at a glance. Attached to the toolboard should be a set of screwdrivers, spanners, sockets and drives, soft nose hammer, adjustable wrench, vice grip, pliers, alan keys, heat gun, blow dryer, tape measure, heavy duty floor scraper, extension cords, measuring tape, floor squeegee, broom, dustpan and brush, special squeegee, jumper leads and door trim adjusting tool.

Waste disposal bins are imperative in one or two corners of the “clean room” working area, where all waste, backing paper and used paper towel can be deposited.

A wall telephone should also be available or a mobile phone from the office to enable people to communicate while working on a car.

Drainage An auto tint workshop floor tends to get very wet and a good drainage system should be installed when setting up the tinting area, to enable workers to keep the floor clean and safe at all times.

Music It is preferable to mount permanent music on the workshop floor to avoid installers using customer’s vehicle radios.

Film Rack A film rack is a good idea. Film racks holding the most popular films in a stacked for the installation without moving or changing the roll from a rack. This makes life easy for the window film cutter.

For further information and other important aspects of a window tinting business please see our “Articles” page on our website.