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Setting Up a Window Film Store

Window Tinting Glass Coating Store

When setting up a retail store one needs to keep in mind the fact that people need to notice your business, stop, come in and then buy.


By keeping the appearance uncluttered and clean, while clearly conveying what it is you do, will help to ensure that you draw customers to have their car windows tinted or shatterproofed.


Painting - Maintain a uniform colour theme and clean lines throughout. Almost any building with a new coat of paint will look 100% better. Paint all the surfaces from the gutters to the fences to the fronts. A plain colour for large surfaces with matching window designs, keeping a contrast colour similar to the signs that need to be erected.

Signs – Erect all signs with the logo and corporate message and ensure that the correct lighting for evening exposure is attached, controlling it with a time switch.

To create a different look, Klingshield’s auto tinting stores are decorated with old 1950 half cars applied with Klingshield’s smash and grab safety window film on all the windows. Pictures of these can be seen on our gallery page. Signwriting on the unusual 50’s car has the words “Glass is your Weakest Link” or “The Sun Stopper” . This kind of front store decorating creates a landmark and will be a talking point within your suburb.

This type of decoration creates a “wow” factor and makes you stand out from your competitor. After hours numbers are also important as well as a Perspex holder where you can leave your brochures for people who pass on weekends or at night.


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The various types of signs used can be a Pylon sign, a luminated sign, a neon sign. In fact, neon signs in windows with the words “Klingshield your Car”, “Stop Smash & Grab”, “Drive a Cool Car”, “Reduce the heat entering your car” can be custom made and installed in windows to create an excellent ambience and a very striking appeal to consumers driving past.

The outside of your premises is like a front window to your company and if it has an excellent appeal, consumers will automatically have the impression that your product is as class as your front store.

Various other types of advertising material like banners and flags can also be utilised for special promotions.


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It is also imperative that you make sure you have parking for customers and a space in the front to park your completed installations to enable them to dry in the sun so that when the customer comes to collect the car all the moisture has dried out and he drives away with optically clear visual windows.

Attention must always be given to the exterior of any business as it plays a major role in portraying your company, it’s products and it’s brand.

For more information on advertising, branding and marketing in the window film, window tinting, glass protection and glass coating business, please view our other pages in our “Articles” in our website.