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Shade Awning

Patio Coverings for Shade

In today's modern world, the shade awning description covers a large variety of different types, styles and shapes, depending on the desired solution one wants to achieve from an awning product.
Most of the problems building owners experience have  to come up with the correct type of coverings that can protect them from the harsh South African weather conditions.

Klingshield offers the most extensive range of custom-made awnings & awning fabrics to suit most situations.
We have been involved in the manufacturing of Awnings for the past forty-five years.

The Retractable awning for the patio came in all different widths of up to six meters and can retract to the desired extensions of up the four meters 
These awnings are made up of aluminium-powered frames with steel structure roller bars.
The patio coverings for shade are made with acrylic fabric or Sheerweave see-through shading material. 
These fabric coverings are imported from Europe and are designed for exterior exposure, covered by a ten-year manufacturer guarantee.
The full range of acrylic fabric is fade-resistant and 100 per cent waterproof and coated with Teflon coating for stain resistance and easy cleaning.

These shade cloth awnings are ideal for patio decks and outdoor extended living areas.
They can be manually or electrically rolled out when required and put back into a cassette when not in use.
Fold arm retractable awnings can be removed and relocated if required and last for decades.

It is an investment that will be long forgotten for years and years after continuous protection, use, and enjoyment.
They can be custom-made patio coverings for shade come in a variety of endless plain colours and stripes fabrics, enhancing the look and style of all places.

example of a shade awning during covid

Retractable Awnings South Africa

 Retractable window and door awnings made from high-grade aluminium frames covered in various materials depending on circumstances.
The awnings can be retracted when not in use or required. It offers the best for all seasons.

  • Custom-Made Canopies are fixed structures creating a permanent extension to any buildings in the commercial or residential spaces.

These awning structures can also be installed over doors and windows where solar control and rain protection are required.

  • Dropdown exterior roller blind for enclosed patio areas. These types of blinds have become very popular in town-housed to enclose balconies.

They are available in different types of materials and fabrics and are custom made to fit various sizes. Exterior roller blinds can be operated manually or fitter with motors and can be operated remotely.
Sidetracks are an extra option to hold them in place in a windy area. Clear windows can be inserted into the fabric for a viewing option.

  • Dome awnings are also available and constructed of aluminium frame and a fabric covering. 

These round type awnings are an ideal fit into the style of certain buildings and can look very classy and add value. 

Service and quality is our policy.

Klingshield offers top class service and advice to its customers, offering the best value for money for awnings and blinds.
We not only design workable exclusive solutions, but we also manufacture in a modern factory and do quality installations with our highly trained in-house installers.