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Silver 20 Reflective Window Film Spec

Silver 20 Reflective Window Film Specifications

Klingshield has sold and installed more Silver 20 reflective film over the past 40 years than any other film in their product range. The reason Silver 20 reflective film is the most popular film is because it reduces solar energy from coming through windows by 79%. This reduces the inside temperature of any room dramatically and is one of the highest performing heat rejection film in the Klingshield range.

Silver 20 reflective film also reduces glare by 80% whereby still allowing enough natural light to come into a room. Glare is a big problem on TV screens and computer monitors and with this tremendous glare reduction product, it makes sense for the film to be the most popular out of the range.

Silver 20 reflective film stops 99% of the ultra violet light and all Klingshield’s range of films have pressure sensitive adhesion which in turn makes ordinary glass shatter resistant.

The look from the inside through a Silver 20 reflective film is a natural blue tint. However, from the outside the windows have a reflective silver look.These films are manufactured with coated aluminium vapourised onto the film. This silver reflective aluminium coating in conjunction with the daylight on the outside of the window, creates the mirror appearance. Hundreds of thousands of installations have been completed by Klingshield utilising this technology.

Another benefit is that a silver film will outlast any coloured film. We have in fact installations 30 years old that look like the day they were installed.

Silver 20 reflective films are mainly used in offices throughout South Africa.


Solar Properties of Silver 20

  • Heat rejection 79%
  • Glare rejection 80%
  • Ultra violet rejection 99%
  • Light transmitted 15%
  • Shading co-efficiency 0.28%
  • U Value 5.22
  • Benefits
  • Designed for areas with severe heat and glare problems.
  • Ideal for computer areas
  • Excellent daytime privacy
  • Excellent fade reduction
  • Tough scratch resistant surface
  • Clear absorption free pressure sensitive adhesion


These films are recommended on clear float glass or laminated glass, toughened glass. However we do not recommend the application of Silver 20 to dark tinted float glass or wire glass.

Product warranty is 7 years.

Should you require any further information on our various styles of window film please view our website.