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Smash and Grab Tint Shades

Most drivers and owners of vehicles need a better understanding of the difference between a standard window film tint and ''smash and grab protection'''
Klingshield is the company responsible for creating the window film and tinting market in South Africa.

In the early 1970s Leon Levy started the Klingshield company when he realized there was a significant need to protect windows from extreme weather conditions and the dangers of broken and flying glass.
Klingshield window film products were launched primarily to improve the comfort levels and strengthen the glass in cars, homes and offices by installing a window tint onto all glass.


Smash & Grab Product Features


Ultraviolet Protection

Klingshield tints, once applied to car windows, reject 99 per cent of the sun's UV, thereby reducing the fading and deterioration of the vehicle interior.
Research has proved that excess UV radiation can cause eye damage and cause skin cancer.
Most people realize that staying in the sun too long without protection from the UV can be very dangerous to their future health.

Sun Heat Rejection.

Klingshield tints reduce the sun's heat from entering through the windows by as much as 80 per cent, depending on the strength of the paint chosen. 
This performance creates a much more excellent interior making these spaces more comfortable. By taking the pressure off air conditioners, will result in reduced energy costs.

Glare Reduction

Early morning glare and afternoon glare can be blinding when driving in traffic. On an open road, this becomes a blinding problem. Night-time glare has also become a massive problem with many new vehicles being fitted with LED extra-strong lighting.

With the fitment of Klingshield glare reduction films to the glass, this problem is solved by dividing up to 88 per cent of the day and night time glare.

It's like fitting your vehicle with a high-tech pair of sunglasses, but it costs far less.

Shatterproof Windows

Regular tints adhere to vehicle windows offer you a reduction of flying glass in the invent of an accident
by keeping the mirror attached to the film.

Aesthetic Value 

Tint on a vehicle gives a vehicle a slick, classy look and improves the resale value of any car.
New modern looks offer medium shade on the driver and passenger windows and a darker shade on all the back windows behind the driver and passenger. 

Increased Privacy

Apart from keeping the interior of car cabins cooler and the temperature more stable, the tint offers increased privacy, as it is harder to see who is on the inside, keeping smash and grab from seeing all your belongings.

Smash and Grab Tints Shades

Smash and grab tints shades are much thicker than standard tints and offer a higher degree of safety features when compared to regular or routine dyes. They are designed to withstand attacks from a projectile, making the impact resistance more difficult to penetrate. These film comes in double thick with the option of varying degrees of shading from light to medium to dark, depending on the client's choice.


All smash and grab installations must be done in an enclosed area with a dust-free environment.
Mobile installation is not a good idea. The installations become very unsightly, with bubbles and dust caught between the film and the glass.

The only reason Klingshield offers a lifetime guarantee on its product and installation is that it takes place in a cleanroom environment by very skilled installers.

Reasons to apply Smash and Grab

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