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Smash and Grab World Society

It’s a Smash and Grab World Society

Leon Levy, CEO of Klingshield SA cc had this to say about events that have taken place. “It is of the utmost importance that in today’s times that all shop owners throughout the world reinforce their windows with thick safety window film.

The past few weeks have shown that the world is turning into a smash and grab society after seeing what has happened in the UK recently”.

The same thing happened in Los Angeles during the rioting in 1992 where over $1 billion worth of damage was caused and 53 people were killed.

The riots in the UK started in a duplicate fashion of the LA Riots in the USA. The shooting of one person in a particular area created unhappy neighbours who started protesting with large numbers of people standing together to object to the way the police dealt with the incident. Once people get together in this type of scenario they entice each other to become angry and influence one another.

It only takes one of the rioters to lead the way and then the rest follow suit.

Humans act like copy cats and then follow the pied piper. One man lights a match and then the fires begin and spread like wild fire. Soon after the situation becomes electric and humans start to get an adrenalin rush. It starts to get very exciting, especially for people who have nothing to lose as they are disgruntled with life anyway.

Now the problems in their minds take over and fall on unemployment, high cost of living and increased taxes. All these feelings come into play and the thugs want to teach the Government a lesson they won't forget. Now the fun and games begin.

Other thoughts are going through their mind, such as “life is unfair and the fat cats have everything and we have nothing! We also want all the nice stuff so let's take it from the shop owners as they are rich”.

Social communication starts to hot up and good friends are invited to join in the free for all. The numbers increase and people follow each other. Sticks and stones come out to resist the law, and the mind set is “they can never stop us as we have the numbers”. And now they begin to attack shops, smashing windows, kicking and battering the glass with karate style kicks with both legs as the windows offer the least resistance. Once they have taken all the goods out the store it is a free for all. Others don't want to lose out and what's good for the goose is good for the gander and everybody starts to play the game and things get completely out of control.

Once the exercise is complete they set the shop alight by throwing a petrol bomb or molotov cocktail through shop windows, which explodes on impact and within minutes the building is on fire.

After taking their new stolen items home they get greedy and go back for more as it was a very exciting experience and why not climb in while again while the going is good.

How Safe

The results are burnt out buildings, splinters of glass showered all over the area, black smoke pouring out of buildings, creating a special ambiance of dark black clouds and gloom like a war zone. It's rioter versus the riot police. For the police it is very dangerous and frightening.

Most rioters dress up for the event in uniforms with balaclavas, scarves wrapped around their faces which takes on a “guerilla dress” look.

Store owners try desperately to remove their goods as the panic sets in and leading brands like Apple removed everything off the shelves to discourage rioters from attacking their stores.

Dont Drive Naked

Now that the event is over police and Government officials are analyzing and watching close security TV to identify rioters so they can prosecute the guilty people.

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Smash and Grab