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Smash & Grab Popular on Toyota Prius

Smash & Grab Popular on Toyota Prius

Klingshield Smash & Grab Popular on Toyota Prius

Motoring News by Klingshield
Johannesburg South Africa May 2011

Since the introduction of the Toyota Prius into the South Africa market, Klingshield has installed its Smash & Grab window film to numerous Prius’ over the last number of years.

Klingshield also supplies their “smash & grab” on all Toyota products through their dealer customer base.
We at Klingshield feel very honoured to install our product on to such an innovative and intelligent vehicle, the Prius. Toyota really have a magnificent product and this is surely demonstrated in their brochure. The new Prius gives its owner what they should have. More and better technology, higher performance, more space and more versatility and less of what you don’t want: Less Co2 emission, less fuel consumption, less weight and less noise.

This hybrid is truly luxury at its peak. It is important to note that new buyers of the Prius, are wise enough to have their windows shatterproofed by Klingshield. Klingshield uses its safety film to protect against smash & grab and flying glass. Injuries during accidents will be reduced.

The interior temperature is reduced by the smash and grab window film. The upholstery will also be taken care off as Klingshield’s smash & grab solar safety window film reduces the ultra violet rays of the sunlight by 99%. Ultra violet is the main cause of fading of interiors of vehicles.

Bright night lights and strong winter glare will be reduced by the use of the sun control technology within the smash & grab window film construction. The adhesive on Klingshield smash & grab window film is the best optical clarity product on the market today. Another very important factor is the amount of adhesion and the formulation of the adhesion to hold glass and film together under impact and pressures.

The thing we love most about the Toyota Prius is that it does not have a negative impact on the environment. It is also impressive to see how Toyota have made a commitment into renewable energy. The technology utilised in the Prius is just amazing.

Full electric cars like the Nissan “Leaf” or Renault’s new “Twizy” will be popping their heads up soon.

All Klingshield’s new innovative “5 in One” full house protection products are now available by appointment at Klingshield’s head office – 33 Durham Street, Raedene and should you require smash & grab for your vehicle, paint protection for your bodywork.

Nano Ceramic windscreen film, Stone-Shield Paint protection film, Fabric-Shield for your upholstery, Kleen-Shield self cleaning liquid glass coat coating for your windows, with 50% improved visibility in bad weather-please contact us.