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Solar Cars

Solar Power Runs Cars

Numerous car manufacturers are investing huge sums of money in the future “electric car” market. According to the Science and Technology of the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, a report highlights the newest information regarding the first Briton to power an electric car using solar panels from his house.

The new Nissan Leaf electric car takes 8 hours to charge and has a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 90 miles per hour. Cutting back on fuel costs is the main objective of having an electric car, but when the electricity is solar generated, then you have a real “eco friendly” money saver.

Radio DJ Mark Goodier has become the first person in Britain to run a car powered by the sun.

The DJ installed 12 solar panels to the roof of his home, and can now generate enough power to fully charge his electric Nissan Leaf. This proves that environmentally friendly cars of the future are here to stay and will be powered by the sun.

The days of sitting in a queue at petrol stations and paying exhorbitant costs for fuel are over for Mr.l Goodier.

Everytime he plugs in his car he knows it is costing him nothing to run and will no longer emit carbon footprints which he says is a good feeling. Although the 12 panels that absorb and distribute the power to run the car is expensive, the Government will pay for the complete installation over a number of years to encourage the use of energy and solar panels for future homes and future cars.


windscreen film


Research and development in the future will utilise thin solar photovoltaic film to be applied to the complete mass surface of the car which will generate power while driving and be utilised to run cars. This technology is a vision at the moment but will become a reality sooner than we think.

It is interesting to note that a company in Israel by the name of Better Place is establishing charge locations in various cities throughout the world. These charge stations are being installed in Hawaii. Pilot programmes are also taking place in Denmark and Israel. These power stations look like car washes and will house batteries for exchange for new electric cars.

Electric cars will drive in and have their batteries changed within 5 minutes and drive out. Solar panels on owners homes will also be utilised to generate power to run motor cars.

Jason Wolf of Better Place added that the electrification of transport will speed up the adoption of renewable energy in these selected countries.

Renault electric motor cars will be utilised in these projects and the future of electric cars is looking brighter than ever.

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