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Solar Thin Film

Exciting Things Happening in “Solar Thin Film” Technology

Innovative entrepreneurs should take note of the changes taking place worldwide when it comes to “green” technology and cultures.

Smart engineers and scientists are working hard and focusing a lot of their attention on the future solar power business that is about to erupt.

How many window film companies are out in the world market keeping their eyes on all these new renewable energy products? General Electric in the USA are investing heavily in the solar power business with the planned opening of a solar power factory in the USA, manufacturing affordable solar film panels. These future plants will produce enough panels to equip 80000 homes in a year.

The energy efficient global forum, part of the European Union Energy Week in Brussels highlights the importance of good clean technology and “going green” innovations.

The US Ambassador’s residence underwent a comprehensive green renovation to showcase the importance and design in increasing the energy efficiency of the 230 year old structure. This was a retro project highlight at the “League of Green Embassies” at the EE Global Forum as reported in Business Wire.

Engineers and scientists never cease to look at inventing new products, where smaller will become more efficient. Wind farms and solar farms will become big business in the future worldwide. Generating power from sunlight is the bottom line and of course, must be at the lowest price.

Affordable solar thin panels are the areas that window film companies should be clearly looking at. Window film business people should look forward to opportunities in this new innovative industry.

According to the New York Times Business Day Technology, Google is investing big bucks into renewable energy. Google’s “green” thinking has always been ahead of time and clean power has been part of their thinking. Google’s investment in the “Bright Source Deal” concentrates on lenses that trap the sun’s heat. Google also have interest in solar photovolataic farms and will also be investing in wind projects.

With technology moving so fast, Glen Martin from Christchurch, Australia, has been working on his flying machine since 1970 and it is almost ready to fly through the skies. 30 minute flips at an outlay of US $75 000! According to Glen, he has had 2500 people sign up for flying machines and many of the enquiries from Australia. Very convenient if you want to either dodge the rush hour traffic and do it in style or go fishing.

This will be the most simple aircraft in the world. All you do is strap it on. It will shoot lots of air down extremely fast and up you will go and away you will fly.

What a Magnificent Man and his “Flying Machine”.

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According to Sydney Morning Herald’s technology section, military agents, border control and rescue organisations in the USA will be the first to use these pricey aircraft. It will also prove very effective in combat attacking and military exercises.

A Business Day article in Johannesburg South Africa Wednesday 13th April reported “South Africa makes it’s mark on Nano world technology”. It is interesting to read how much interest there is in Nano technology and how it is predicted that it will change everything from electronics, medical, everyday life, within in the next 10 to 15 years says Surakas Sinh Ray, head of the National Centre for Nano Structured Materials in Pretoria. Pushing the boundaries of the future of polymers are Professor Sinh Ray and Manfred Scriba.

Nano technology means managing and manipulating matter on an atomic level and deals with structures between 1 and 100 Nano metres. A Nano metre is one billionth of a metre. In terms of scale, it is the same as comparing a metre to 1 million kilometres, which is more than a return trip to the moon. Everything is becoming smaller and very efficient.

If you manipulate substances on a very small scale, the materials get new properties and this makes industries more competitive. A relatively small amount of clay introduced into paint is in fact very small and disproportionately alters the paint’s characteristics. This is because the Nano clay particles improve the properties of these materials.

In addition, these improvements to paint will increase the scratch resistance of the surface, improve the UV resistance and make the paint also fire resistant.

Innovation is carrying on at the Department of Science and Technology at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and is adding value to products.

Front windscreen Ceramic Nano technology window film has been on the South African market distributed and installed by Klingshield over the last year and a half. To stay in front, all business men should take note of the whole “going green” new innovative markets available to them all. The trick will be when to get in and which product to take on board. Obviously the best product will be the one at the lowest price to suit the market’s pocket.

In conclusion, more interesting information will be available on our website concerning “going green” window films, window tinting, glass coating, new car treatment centres, innovative new products, latest technology, and so on and so forth.