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Solar Safety Window Films

Solar Safety Window Films

In addition to the advantage of sun glare and heat reduction, improved comfort and energy bills, as well as protection of interior furnishings from fading and cracking, Klingshield offers a significant safety protection.

Klingshield’s high strength safety film adds a strong measure of protection when a glass window is shattered by a rock, pipe, earthquake or sonic boom. When breakage occurs on unprotected windows, shattered glass becomes a shower of deadly projectiles.

Once Klingshield’s safety film has been applied to the glass, the broken fragments are held in place by this invisible film. Besides providing human safety in dangerous glass situations, Klingshield’s safety protective film helps deter thieves, smash and grab attacks and attacks on homes and businesses by giving a window or glass door added strength when an attempt to break the glass occurs.



In a world where crime is increasing, Klingshield safety film for your windows and glass doors at your business, is a sound investment. Tests prove that Klingshield’s security films will help windows resist being broken into and studies show that discouraging and slowing down a would-be thief is a deterrent to crime and is also approved by Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies.

Safety for your family and employees is an advantage of Klingshield film that provides peace of mind. Klingshield safety film rates as a Class A by the British Safety Standards. Klingshield safety film deters the burglar and helps protect your loved ones in emergencies.

Residential solar control window films offers home owners the opportunity to protect the beauty and comfort of both their homes and interior furnishings within. High energy bills can be reduced both in summer and winter months by using Klingshield’s solar window films to cut penetration and retain residual warmth.

Expensive furniture, carpets and drapes need protection from fading and your family can be assured of a glare reduction and a cool, comfortable interior when shielded with Klingshield’s solar control window films.


Klingshield Safety Film