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Someone has been in our Car

Someone has been in our Car

Someone has been in our Car

Car Window Film and Tinting News by Klingshield
Johannesburg South Africa April 2011

Someone has been in your car …… the sun…… and it has left heat everywhere, especially on your seat and your steering wheel.

Getting into a car is far less painful if you have had all your windows professionally treated at Klingshield’s Car Fitment Centre. Klingshield solar control film cuts out almost two thirds of the heat that would normally enter your car through the untreated windows, as well as preventing the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays from fading your upholstery and cracking all the plastic components.

Klingshield solar safety sun control window tinting is a great investment. It protects your car’s interior, improves its appearance and creates comfort for you, and all this at a very low cost in comparison to the advantages and longevity of the product.

Don’t wait for the next hot day. Talk to the experts at Klingshield today and make an appointment to bring your car in to our modern treatment centre at
33 Durham Street, Raedene, Johannesbsurg