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South Africa Needs Solar Energy

South Africa Needs to move forward with Solar Technology

If one takes a helicopter ride over the major cities in South Africa one can see that 80% of roofs can be installed with solar energy systems. If installations begin in the near future, by the year 2050 South Africa will rely on 80% renewable energy.

South Africa has a long way to go before becoming a solar utopia. The country is getting very little power from solar energy at the present time. In the near future ways will be found to store solar energy to be utilized when needed, by storing it in a grid.

Even a little progress in roof top solar farms will take pressure off the power companies which are under severe pressure to cope at the moment. During the cold winter nights and hot days when air conditioners are operating at peak performance there is always a chance of blackouts occurring.

Klingshield’s Research and Development Department is at the present time carrying out a feasibility study creating an accurate map to gauge buildings with potential for solar farms to meet the needs in Johannesburg. Klingshield will spare an effort to bring solar power to Johannesburg, the same way Klingshield successfully brought safety film to the South Africans in the early seventies.

The owners of office blocks will need to reduce the consumption of electricity in order to avoid new carbon. Taxes will be in sooner than they think. Their buildings will need to become more energy efficient. Energy auditors will become the thing of the day in the near future, in order to work out ways on how to avoid wasting electricity and energy. Buildings codes will change in the near future and the introduction of carbon taxes will be introduced.

Incentives will be put in place to lower energy bills. Also very soon banks will be providing finance for energy farms.

Windmills, turbines and solar panels will be installed on roof tops and energy saving auditors will be appointed and will be paid a commission out of the savings on electricity bills.

Software programs will be developed to calculate future savings. Energy regulators will force building owners to get going if they don't want to pay carbon taxes and penalties.

Klingshield will participate in becoming energy saving experts. It is also our opinion that the Government will set up an energy green regulator who will ensure that action is taken in regards to energy saving and the reduction of carbon emission into the environment.

This exercise will in the future produce work for our society, and in turn will keep the unions happy.

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