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South Africa Worlds Crime Capital

SA Pays Dearly to be the World’s Crime Capital

Klingshield’s safety window films are a safeguard against crime, violence, terrorism, natural disasters and accidents. Living in the crime capital of the world one needs to take all types of precautions in reducing the risk of injury and death from crime related attacks. Smash & Grab break-ins and stonings occur on a regular basis.

Consumers who enjoy this wonderful country of ours with it’s excellent climate, need to take precautions by securing all glass areas in their offices, homes and cars with Klingshield safety film.

A disaster can happen at any time, anywhere, in an office, factory, retail store, home or whilst driving your car. Accidents also take place through extreme weather conditions especially if your car windows have not been treated with Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating for improved visibility. Glass in windows and doors is suddenly smashed. It breaks up into thousands of deadly shards which fly off in many directions, endangering our lives and property. Jagged pieces of glass flying about injure people they come in contact with, as well as destroy property. There is one way to avoid this kind of serious injury and damage – Klingshield Safety Film available from Klingshield.

Klingshield safety film becomes part of the glass as it fuses into the glass, forming a strong transparent shield that under certain conditions, prevents glass from shattering. This highly efficient film is specially structured in its strength and then coated with large densities of adhesive to bond the glass and the film together to provide resistance to impact or explosive pressures.

Personnel and property will be kept absolutely safe. Klingshield safety film is optically clear and resistant to scratching.
Different thicknesses of safety film. One can choose various thicknesses to suit one’s needs.


Safety film is available in four thicknesses –

  • ,05mm thick safety film is sufficient to hold glass together when broken by minor general impacts.
  • ,10mm is twice the thickness and is therefore more resistant to impact and is three times stronger than ,05mm.
  • ,150mm and ,200mm is the ultimate in resisting impact and attacks.


These multi layered plastic window laminates have special mounting adhesives in thick densities to hold the glass and film together. These laminate structures significantly absorb more impact than a single ply film allowing for superior break resistance and glass shard retention when the glass breaks.

Klingshield safety window film laminates have been used throughout South Africa from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to US Embassy buildings. Government and major conglomerates have realised the value of Klingshield safety film as it has proved itself over and over in real life bomb explosions throughout South Africa over the years.

Klingshield safety film also protects against fading. All grades of Klingshield safety film will protect your carpets, drapes and furnishings against fading and deterioration by absorbing 99.5% of the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays. Multi functional solar safety films contain an extra layer of aluminium to reflect solar heat, adding much comfort and reducing airconditioning and heating costs.

Klingshield safety film protects against smash and grab and crime. Store display windows attract smash and grab burglaries and is extremely vulnerable to looters in a riot or unrest scenario. Once the glass is smashed they reach in, grab the goods and disappear within seconds, long before security or police can arrive.



With Klingshield’s safety window film the glass is harder to break and stays in place even when broken. This makes it more difficult and time consuming for criminals to gain entry. Because the criminals are robbed of time and surprised by the window breaking resistance, they tend to leave empty handed.

Klingshield safety film is critically important for government buildings, communication centres, public areas, domestic properties and cars which could be targets for bombings or similar terrorist attacks. When impacted by explosives windows break and pieces of glass become deadly flying missiles capable of penetrating humans with ease and damaging properties. With the installation of Klingshield safety film these risks can be substantially reduced, offering you peace of mind for personnel in problem areas.

Klingshield’s protection against industrial explosions and accidents. Industrial explosions and accidents take place frequently from chemicals, escaping gas and fuels and pose a very real danger. When this occurs, Klingshield’s safety film offers a large degree of protection from personal injury and equipment damage. Another saving would be the expense resulting from medical bills and insurance claims. Klingshield safety films minimise these costs.

Klingshield safety films against natural disasters. Windows in buildings are subject to violence, tsunamis, hurricanes, high winds and other frightening natural disasters. If the window is penetrated during a storm the interior of the building could be soaked leaving the rest of the building vulnerable and creating havoc with the interior. Governments around the world are becoming sensitive to such danger.

Flying glass during the Christchurch New Zealand disaster was a major problem. People were killed and injured from flying glass as reported by numerous newspapers in New Zealand. The latest disaster in Japan confirmed the dangers of glass and the protection found in buildings of safety film applied.

Easy installations by professional installers. In a short period of time trained personnel can install safety films on all glass areas without any disruption to any normal routine.

All safety film has scratch resistant surfaces and is easy to maintain. A shammy or soft cloth with soapy water keeps film sparkling. Kleen-Shield from Klingshield is also used for easy spray-on and maintenance window cleaning.