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Reliable Companies

Consumers need to deal with reliable brands

From time to time we are reminded in the media of how things go wrong with car brands and automotive manufacturers. Numerous recalls are announced with some large companies announcing defaults and other problems experienced with certain features of their products.

Any product at any time can break down or become faulty as long as humans are involved in the design and manufacture of such product.

Consumers need back up and assurance that their problem purchases will be dealt with quickly and without being involved in unreasonable unfair costs.

When dealing with a long established company selling a brand one can be assured that after market service will always be guaranteed. This is the time to put a company and brand to the test.

In our company our problems are more important than anything else. It is more important than our bottom line as it is our goodwill and our reputation at stake. We have spent thirty eight years building our brand and will go to the ends of the earth to protect our good name. This is the reason we keep getting repeat and referral business which accounts for 80% of our sales.

To verify our commitment to customer service see the testimonials or our warranty to satisfy yourself that you are spending your hard earned money with the right company and brand.

Router recently reported the recalling of 300,000 Chrysler mini vans for heating and air-conditioning problems. These problem could trigger off an air bag which can be dangerous and cause a major safety problem.


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The National Highway Traffic Safety administrator said “condensation from heating and air conditioning could leak onto the sensor module”.

Dealers will carry out the repairs free of charge. Now this is a typical example of a brand standing behind it’s product.

Another auto manufacture that has had a recall due to a problem popping up is Ford. They recalled 1.2 million pick up vans with defective fuel tanks. These tanks have been corroding due to road salt and could dislodge and start fires. Now here is the thing that is amazing. “This is one of the of the best selling vehicles in the American market”.

As mentioned above, any product at any time can fail, so consumers should always do their homework before parting with their hard earned money and make sure the company they choose to deal with will have longevity and also sell a branded product that the manufacturers will stand behind.

For more details of the longevity of Klingshield and it's commitment to stand behind it's products please check out it's warranty page .Also have a look at it's customer base and our testimonial page.