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Sputter 20% Neutral Window Film

Sputter 20% Neutral Window Film

Sputter 20% Neutral Window Film

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

Sputter 20% neutral window film has a subtle reflected finish from the outside in a neutral colour. However from the inside it has a slightly tinted neutral look. This is an excellent product for sun drenched windows, either in commercial or residential homes where the consumer wants to keep out as much heat as possible, however at the same time requiring substantial light transmission.

The most advanced sputtering techniques are utilised in the manufacture of this product. This is a very complex manufacturing process as it requires numerous layers and coating of natural metals and alloys. It gives you plenty of sunlight, but cuts out the majority of the sun’s heat.

This film always needs to be applied on the interior of the glass surface, creating an invisible solar shield which has a total solar energy rejection of 63%. Caution needs to be taken when applying Sputter 20 Neutral window film as it has a high absorption factor and is normally ideal for float glass.

With less heat in the inside of rooms working and living conditions become more comfortable. There is also less strain on your airconditioning units and money can thus be saved.

These elegant looking films work better than a lot of the dark and non-reflective films and offer an excellent rejection of the sun’s ultra violet rays which ruin carpets and furnishings.

Sputter Neutral window film comes with a scratch resistant coating making it easy to clean and maintain.

This film has a pressure sensitive adhesion which holds shattered glass and deters vandalism and smash and grab attacks.
This film also reduces glare by 78%, making the viewing of computer screens and TV monitors a glare-free experience.

Sputter coated films are more expensive to manufacture than regular reflective or non-reflective films and they also carry longer guarantees than the standard films.


Sputter Coated 20 Neutral Performance Data

Total solar energy transmitted (allowed in) 22%
Total solar reflectance 26%
Total solar absorption 52%
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 24%
Visible light reflectance 29%
Winter U value 1.13
Percentage of ultra violet light transmitted (allowed in) 1%
Shading co-efficient .43
Total solar energy rejected 63%

The products have been tested as per Ashra and Aimcal standards and Klingshield also has SABS testing on scratching and impact.

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