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Sputter 35 Neutral Window Film

Sputter 35 Neutral Window Film

Sputter 35 Neutral Window Film

Klingshield Technical News
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

Sputter 35% Neutral window film   is very popular in homes and is also available in 100 micron smash and grab film. This film appears essentially as a neutral colour and has a semi reflective finish from the outside and a tinted neutral colour from the inside.

This film has a 52% total solar energy rejection which helps to keep interiors and motor cars cool. This sputter neutral 35 film performs far better than the standard 35 non reflective used on cars. The product works very well on tinted glass and once applied to the tinted glass, it does not alter the colour of objects from either side of the glass.

The 35% visible light transmission will reduce glare coming into the home or car by 65%. This film also blocks 99% of the ultra violet radiation protecting interior furnishings from fading. The product also comes with a scratch resistant coating for long durability, easy cleaning and easy maintenance.

The neutral colour is achieved through a “sputtering” process which requires highly sophisticated coating machines, and is more expensive to manufacture than reflective or non reflective window films. 

Data Specifications for Sputter 35 Neutral Window Film  

Total solar transmitted (allowed in) 35%
Total solar reflectance 17%
Total solar absorption 48%
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 35%
Visible light reflected 19%
Winter U value 1.14
Ultra violet light transmitted (allowed in) 1%
Shading co-efficient .55
Total solar energy rejected 52%   

The above product was tested in accordance with Aimcal and Ashrae, as well as other independent testing laboratories.

This film comes with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesion, which turns ordinary glass into safety glass.