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Sputtered Window Films

Sputtered Films

Not all window films are the same as there are numerous ways to manufacture and construct different styles of window films and densities. The original reflective films utilised a vapour coating of aluminium to coat polyester substrates in the manufacture of window films.

Metallised films combined with tinted dyed films created a high performing product known as “high performance”.

Sputter coated window films are the most advanced construction window films manufactured today. Sputter coated technology is expensive as it is constructed purely from metal alloys with outstanding colour stability, durability and performance.

Conventional films get their colour from dyed coatings which do fade over time. Sputter coated films are all metal based components with no dyes or pigments and are therefore not subject to any fading or discolouring.

The Sputter coated series of neutral and bronze films offer excellent heat rejection and ultra violet radiation rejection. It however allows maximum visible light to pass through it and has a soft neutral look from the inside. The reflective properties from the exterior are more subtle and laid back than conventional reflective film.

The stabilising metal based components are very light from the inside and have become more and more popular with building and home owners in recent years.

These sputtered films come in a 20% and 35% light density and have excellent ultra violet radiation rejection properties. Over 99% of the suns UV radiation is reduced, thereby significantly stopping damage to furnishings and fabrics from sun fading. All Klingshield’s sputter films have a unique pressure sensitive adhesion which bond the film and glass together offering an excellent finish with high optical clarity.

The adhesion system incorporates a clear release liner which protects both the film and adhesion from dirt and moisture until the moment of installation. With superior consistent performance and construction, these films carry a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

Crystal clear scratch resistant coatings applied to the film assure a good looking and scratch free product for years to come.

From the outside sputter coat looks neutral and from the inside it is virtually invisible, matching and complimenting décor and furnishings.