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Summer Winter Window Films

All Round Window Films

“Summer/Winter” window films are very popular in the European market due to the large periods of cold weather experienced in Europe. Window film manufacturers manufacture a special film that retains more of the heat generated indoors during the winter months.

Under normal circumstances this indoor generated heat is literally allowed to fly out the window.

This product is known as an all round “summer/winter” window film and recent laboratory tests show that these new products can retain up to 80% of the heat within a room during winter. Therefore this product is an excellent insulator for summer and winter. In summer the film applied to glass rejects up to 79% of the total solar energy from entering the room and in winter the same product keeps in up to 80% of the heat.

This is a fantastic energy saving product and will save on heating and airconditioning bills. This revolutionary film has taken many years of research and development to perfect.

stop the sun

This summer/winter film comes in a pressure sensitive adhesion which is ideal for holding glass together should it break for any reason. The tough scratch resistant surface on the window film will keep it looking good for many years to come. All Klingshield’s window films have been tested on a Taber Abraser test showing dramatic results and remarkable difference between regular and scratch resistant films. With 500 grams of load at 100 cycles, it showed very slight abrasion when compared to other regular window films


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