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Sunburn Through Car Windows

Sunburn through your Car Windows

There are many advantages in having Klingshield’s auto tint applied to your car windows. In South Africa, the first benefit is the fact that Klingshield’s film shatterproofs car’s side and back windows by having a solar safety film applied. Other benefits include heat reduction in the cabin. The reduction of glare day and night is also a benefit as the 35% legal limit density stops 65% of the glare coming through the car windows.

All Klingshield’s window film stops 99% of the UV rays which penetrate the skin more deeply and also cause harm. Reading in the New York Times under the health section, an article was recently written by Annhad O’Connor about the dangers of the sun burning through car windows. The article goes on telling us that sun screen at the beach is a “no brainer”. However, consumers do not realise the dangers of the sun when getting behind the wheel.


Front Window


If one spends long hours on the road, especially daytime hours, window film is a must. Side windows of cars do not stop the UV rays. Studies by the American Academy of Dermatology Research examined records and histories of thousands of patients referred to the local Cancer Clinic. It is interesting to note that skin cancer develops on the left side of the body and the face, which are exposed to the sun whilst driving. They noted that tumours were more prevalent on the left side by 26% when compared to the right. The exposed side also had increased melanomas, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

The National Skin Cancer Institute also found the same results and there was a stronger link with men than women, due to the fact that women use screen screens a lot more than the opposite sex.

The bottom line is that one should ensure that their vehicles are protected by Klingshield’s sun control window film to reduce these problems, as this is a definite “no brainer”.


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