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Suntek’s Infinity Sputter Coated Window Film Range

Suntek’s Infinity Sputter Coated Window Film Range

Suntek’s Infinity Sputter Coated Window Film Range

Klingshield’s Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

Suntek and Llumar manufacturing plants are virtually neighbours in the state of Virginia, United States of America. The area is known as the window film territory. Numerous employees from Llumar have moved over to Suntek taking expertise and knowledge with them.

Suntek boast about having the latest window film manufacturing equipment and are rumoured to be the fastest growing window film company in the world.

We at Klingshield utilise the best films we can find manufactured by an array of manufacturers worldwide. After 40 years of experience in the window film business, we can say without a word of doubt that Suntek’s range of films, in our opinion, rate as the best in the world at the present time.

The Infinity range of film is now available exclusively to us in a pressure sensitive high resolution adhesion. These films are made exclusively by a sputtering of metals. This high tech micro thin shield provides superior protection and performance than the conventional reflective or tinted films.

In short it is the best all metal film in it’s class, offering the highest Suntek’s Infinity film offers neutral colours to enhance any window whether it be in an office, home or car. This product is optically clear and reduces eye strain associated with glare.

Suntek offer a lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, delamination, demetallising and even fading. Not many window film manufacturers in the world offer warranties against fading.

Performance data of Infinity range

Infinity 35 Bronze
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 37%
Total solar transmitted (allowed in) 31%
Total solar reflectance 24%
Total solar absorption 45%
Visible light reflectance interior 22%
Visible light reflectance exterior 25%
Winter U value 0.92
UV rejected 99%
Glare rejection 58%
Shading co-efficient 0.40
Total solar energy rejected 61%
Infinity 20 Bronze
Visible light transmission 25%
Total solar transmitted (allowed in) 13%
Total solar reflectance 47%
Total solar absorption 40%
Visible light reflectance interior 34%
Visible light reflectance exterior 37%
Winter U value 0.94
UV rejected 99%
Glare rejection 72%
Shading co-efficient 0.29
Total solar energy rejected 78%

Infinity Neutral 50%
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 49%
Total solar transmitted (allowed in) 49%
Total solar reflectance 12%
Total solar absorption 39%
Visible light reflectance interior 11%
Visible light reflectance exterior 12%
Winter U value 1.06
UV rejected 99%Shad
Glare rejection 47%
Shading co-efficient 0.68
Total solar energy rejected 44%

Infinity 35 Neutral
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 40%
Total solar transmitted (allowed in) 35%
Total solar reflectance 18%
Total solar absorption 47%
Visible light reflectance interior 16%
Visible light reflectance exterior 17%
Winter U value 1.06
UV rejected 99%
Glare rejection 55%
Shading co-efficient 0.57
Total solar energy rejected 53%

Infinity Neutral 20
Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 23%
Total solar transmitted (allowed in) 21%
Total solar reflectance 26%
Total solar absorption 53%
Visible light reflectance interior 27%
Visible light reflectance exterior 28%
Winter U value 1.04
UV rejected 99%
Glare rejection 74%
Shading co-efficient 0.43
Total solar energy rejected 65%

All Suntek’s window films are made in the USA by Commonwealth Laminating and Coating inc. This company has a world class manufacturing for top quality window films. it utilises the highest quality raw material and converts them according to the highest of the industry standards.

Suntek has very experienced technical staff and has the world’s most modern up to date technology and is one of the most innovative window film companies in operation.

Infinity window films will not dramatically alter the interior or exterior appearance of any window.

Should you want to know more about the Infinity range please contact us.