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Passion for Window Film Too Far

Taking a “Passion” for Window Film a Little too Far

Since the inception of Klingshield 40 years ago the company has shut down over the Xmas period to allow the staff annual leave.

Being the owner of the Company, this time period offers me a lot of spare time to do things I would normally not have a chance to do. Being passionate about my business I always seem to spend time doing research and development during this holiday period.

Searching the internet, blogging and participating in “on line” forums with window film related discussions, I came across the Tint Dude Forum.

Excited to have found a place to entertain myself while Klingshield was closed, I was quick to sign up and in my eagerness I began participating in and following all the discussions on the forum.

Not realising that my voluminous actions may be taken to be over zealous, I stepped up my participation even more by offering to give the forum members all the information they ever needed to run a successful window film business.

 To my mind, I was offering the window film community of America the opportunity to learn from my past experience all the tricks of the trade that I had gained over the last 40 years. I believed that the information I was offering was far superior to the information available on the Tint Dude website.

Most business men would never give their trade secrets away and always seem to keep them close to their chest. However, I had nothing to lose as I was operating in the South African market and if I gave my trade secrets away to the American window film entrepreneurs, I believe I did this in good faith as I wanted to give back something to the window film industry, which has given me an excellent living over the past 40 years.

As stated previously, I am obsessed with this industry and want to give back to it all I can in appreciation for all it has done for me.

Unfortunately that is when things went sour. To my surprise I was removed and banned from this site! My amicable intentions had not been received in the same light as they had been intended and I was no longer able to share my knowledge with other window tinting folk. But then, soon after my expulsion, I began receiving numerous apologetic emails from forum members and other similar forums asking me to join. Three weeks later I was reinstated on to the Tint Dude forum, however all my previous articles had been removed.

Since I found the whole experience rather upsetting, I decided to focus my energies on my own website and started writing window film theme articles. Wanting to educate others and share the wisdom I have gained over the past 40 years in the window film industry, I have to date over the last six months completed over 266 articles on topics relating to all aspects of the window film industry.

My passion for the window film industry certainly leads me on an interesting path and I am thrilled to have focused on writing articles to share in the world of window film.

If you would like to participate or require advice, please drop me an email or call me at Johannesburg on 011 640 5053 and I will only be too happy to help you out.