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Phone Techniques in Business

Telephone in Window Film Business

The telephone is one of the most powerful instruments available in business. Some business men do not realise the value of a business phone and how it can improve your business.

It is not uncommon for people to be afraid of the telephone – why? It is probably due to the fact that they have not been trained properly on how to successfully communicate via the telephone. In most cases the telephone is the first “person to person” contact and whether we like it or not, the consumer is going to form an immediate impression of you and your company from this call.

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Do It Right- The communication impression a consumer gets from you is divided into three sections.

  • The tone of your voice
  • The words spoken
  • The overall feeling the customer gets from the way you answer the phone.
  • What you say and the tone in which you say it are vital. Whoever is on the other end, will be making a visual picture of whom they are talking to. Although the words you use are vital and the tone is very important, we always need to give a positive clear friendly message. We need to use positive words such as “no problem”, “absolutely”. Never use negativity in your conversation such as “I am sorry”, “it is not possible”. We must always give a clear, positive, friendly message.

Why do People Call Us: They want help and sometimes need more information on the benefits of your products.

How can we help them? By letting the caller know that they are very important and that we value their call. Always try to use their name as soon as possible to show respect and always welcome them. Let them know your name. Compliment them for making a wise decision and do not keep them waiting.

Use strong phrases such as “I see”, “right”, “of course”, “yes”, “no problem”. This shows them you are listening to them and have empathy for them.

Always ask Questions to qualify their requirements 

Once you have qualified their requirements or related window problems then you can say something like “it sounds to me like you need the Silver 20 as heat is your greatest problem. Am I right?” And when you get a “yes” answer you qualify it by saying “the Silver 20 stops 79% of the heat and will reduce the temperature inside your office” or “the Smash & Grab on your car will make your windows shatterproof and that is your concern. Is that right?” Qualifying it again.

Don’t Forget to close the Sale

Ask the customer for an order and do not make it complicated. The best way to do this is by the alternative choice, such as “Do you want to bring your car in Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Is this a good time for you?”

Telephone Answering Examples

  • Allow the phone to ring about 3 times. Picking it up immediately may give the caller the impression that you are either too eager or there is very little business happening.
  • Answer within 5 rings and no more than 20 seconds. People do not like to be kept waiting.
  • Answer “Thank you for calling Klingshield. My name is Sonja and how can I be of help to you?”
  • Have the customer’s enquiry sheet ready at all times. The enquirer usually knows and generally asks for which product they are interested in. Do not give the price first, wait until after you have explained the product that the customer is interested and the benefits.
  • Show a genuine interest in their needs, problems and requirements. Enquire from them whether you may ask a few questions so as to clarify the best product available to suit their needs.
  • Vehicle enquiry – “what type of vehicle, which thickness film and what density film?”
  • Commercial installations – “where is the film to be installed, what is the problem, etc.”

Always try to get as much information as possible to enable the Klingshield window film consultant to evaluate the customer’s needs and offer a solution to the customer’s problem.

The importance of the telephone

All staff members within a company at one time or another will be required to answer the telephone. The telephone is the life blood to the window film business and any other business, and must be answered correctly and the caller must be handled in the correct way. Therefore all staff should be taught telephone answering techniques, manners and courtesy and absolute product knowledge.

Team Work

At Klingshield all our staff members understand all aspects of our business and are able to assist people and understand the importance of a working relationship with all consumers and therefore every staff member has a switchboard type phone system in front of them in order to direct the caller to the right department in a user friendly manner.

What To Expect from your Staff

Regardless of the type of business you are in, well chosen and good employees have common characteristics and share similar ideas and needs. All staff members need to understand the value of the telephone to the company and make sure that they use these skills when answering calls from the consumer.