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Window Film Guru

The TintDude makes an Impression on the Window Film Guru

The information window to the world in the glass tinting industry is dominated by a few players when it comes to searching for valuable information,news or new ideas and getting quality results!

Many entrepreneurs in the window film industry crave for ways to improve their business.This is the reason that the SEMA Motor Show is such a big hit for tinters,distributors and manufacturers.

Thousands of players mingle around the show looking to get ahead by finding the latest, the best and the most interesting products and companies who are causing stirs.

In a world of electronic highway, data, news and information should be in abundance.However there is a lack of cutting edge information says the Window Film Guru, Leon Levy.Leon has spent the last 40 years eating, sleeping and dreaming up ways of turning the window film industry from it’s original “mama and papa” business which it started out as in the late 60’s,to the serious industry it deserves to be.

The biggest problem in the beginning was to educate the consumer and make him aware of the value of window film and the advantages it offers to human life styles and safety.

The quality of the products have come a long way and today window film applications are almost as clear as the visual clarity of glass.Now this says a lot, as when I look back at the battles we had, trying to convince the consumer that it was the best they could expect from an inexpensive window film product and it's final installation.

Window film manufacturers made some very dodgy products over the years, but we persisted and somehow managed to get them to improve the products by working closely with them and giving them insight into the installation difficulties we were experiencing.

I spent many hour popping water bubbles that never dried out, especially when it came to thick clear safety films. Many installation had to be redone due to demetallising  breaking down of adhesive and fading and changing of colours with dyed films.

Thank God that's all history as I would have a lot more grey hairs than I do at present!!  Today I feel proud and confident to sell window film products made by some very serious window film manufacturers.  Brands I salute are Sun TEK,Sun Gard,Madicio, Hanita, to name but a few. They make fantastic window film products.

stop the sun

It's all very good having a range of magnificent product but now the trick is to get as much as we can on to all those naked windows. Holding thousands of rolls in warehouses throughout the world does not impress me as it does other people in the world . Yes, without the stock we can't do the business, but in my forty years obtaining stock quickly has never been a problem.Getting the film on to the glass of major buildings in all major cities throughout the world is what the industry needs to look forward to and it can be done!

I have done it in my country. Ok I have been at it for 40 years but it's not the end, it's only the beginning.The opportunities are vast and greater than ever.

What lacks in my opinion is the consistent and persistent flow of ideas, information and follow ups by the leaders in window film communication.Yes, we have the window film magazine for which I have the highest regard.The problem with the window film magazine is that their editors are not familiar with the business.  Not one of the editors have spent a lifetime in these industries on both side of the fence.Sorry Mrs Levy, but this Mr levy sees lots of room for improvement in your very valuable window film magazine!

To the forumTintDude,who banned me from participating due to some misunderstanding, I say “well done”,I like the improvements you have made and congratulate you on finally getting out of your old look  and style and into a more modern and user friendly style.It took you long enough and hopefully you will keep changing with the times.

To all the others out there let's start doing some tweaking, moving and shaking and start to bring in some creativity  to help build this industry with new ideas, new products and new opportunities.